Ann Arbor

Ira Glass, host of the radio program This American Life, presents Seven Things I've Learned at the Power Center as part of the Ann Arbor Summer Festival on Saturday.

Headlining the Ann Arbor Summer Festival, hundreds of community members came to watch renowned U.S.

President Donald Trump at a rally on February 1, 2016.

The Ann Arbor community reacted negatively to President Donald Trump’s executive order banning the travel and resettlement of citizens from seven Muslim-majority coun

Houses within Ann Arbor's city limits.

A safe-passing ordinance went into effect in Ann Arbor on Saturday requiring drivers to maintain at least a five-foot distance when passing a pedestrian, bicyclist or wheelchair-user on the road.

People's Food Co-op is located near North 4th Avenue and Catherine Street in Ann Arbor.

Earlier this month, employees of the People's Food Co-Op — a member-owned Kerrytown grocery store — secured the right to organize, but the move was a relatively long time coming.

During the spring of 2016, grumblings of dissatisfaction began to spread among employees.

Dr. Jeanice Swift, Superintendent of Ann Arbor Public Schools, speaks about the importance of school zone speed limits at during an Ann Arbor City Council Meeting at Larcom City Hall on Thursday.

More than 100 Ann Arbor residents gathered at the Ann Arbor City Council meeting to lobby for improved safety measures for pedestrians, particularly children on their way to school.

Ann Arbor voters approved a ballot proposal Tuesday to extend the term for city officials from two to four years and end odd-year municipal elections, with nearly 55 percent support.

Overall, 28,243 votes were cast in favor and 23,456 against.

Kirk Westphal (D–Ward 2) listens to speakers during an Ann Arbor city council meeting on September 6, 2016.

A ballot proposal seeking to extend the term of office for Ann Arbor city officials by two years has drawn pushback from some residents and City Council members who believe this will be a self-serving convenience for incumbents, decrease constituent accountability and impede independent can

At Monday’s meeting, Ann Arbor City Council will vote on several development projects, including the Maple Shoppes Building 2 Planned Project Site Plan and the East Stadium Boulevard Bridges Replacement Project.