Junior forward JT Compher is having his best season yet while donning the maize and blue.

Michigan’s captain has tallied 10 goals and 28 assists through 25 games, shattering his previous season high in points, 31.

Since Compher was paired with freshman forward Kyle Connor and junior forward Tyler Motte 14 games ago, he has netted nine goals and 18 helpers. His play both on and off the ice has been critical for the Wolverines.

And for all of these reasons, Compher was selected to be a part of this week’s edition of Quick Hits.

The Michigan Daily: Your line has been coined the “CCM line.” Tyler Motte didn’t know what that meant at first. Did you?

Compher: Yeah. I knew what it meant.

TMD: Are you surprised that Tyler couldn’t pick that up quickly.

Compher: I’m not going to comment on that (laughs). I’ll let him think about that on his own.

TMD: Do you like the name?

Compher: Yeah. We don’t pay attention to it that much. It’s something you guys pay attention to much more than we do. For us, it’s just about playing well with each other.

TMD: Have you ever been on a line that has been as offensively gifted as this one?

Compher: I’ve been fortunate to play with some really good players, but the chemistry has been great this year and the production has continued.

TMD: Have you ever made Red Berenson laugh?

Compher: A couple times, yeah. In some meetings, but we will keep that between us, the team and him.

TMD: What’s the meanest thing you’ve had to do as captain this year?

Compher: There’s nothing really that has been mean. It’s just like being one of the other guys.

TMD: Has any part of the job been a transition for you?

At this point in the interview, sophomore forward Niko Porikos tried to interrupt Compher’s thought process, but Compher yelled at him to get away. 

Compher: I didn’t say I wasn’t mean. (laughs). With this group of guys, it’s been easy.

TMD: How does it feel that everyone on this team thinks you are the most annoying teammate to practice against?

Compher: I think that is my goal as a player. Unfortunately, it shows up in practice and annoys some guys. I have a select few guys that I like to annoy and pick on a bit in practice.

TMD: Is Max Shuart one of those?

Compher: Yeah (laughs). We’re roommates, so it depends if we were bickering earlier that day or the last night. And if I owe him one or not depends on that.

TMD: On road trips, who is the person you least want to be roommates with?

Compher: I can’t room with Shuart. I’m sick of him at that point, so if we were put together, I’d definitely ask to switch. 

TMD: Would you let Nolan De Jong cut your hair?

Compher: I do. Only the sides, no clippers. For the rest of it, I go to a professional. … Too much of a risk there.

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