It may come as a surprise, but freshman defenseman Joe Cecconi’s plus-17 plus-minus rating leads all of his fellow defensemen in that statistical category.

For that reason, Cecconi joined the Daily for this week’s edition of Quick Hits.

The Michigan Daily: You lead all defensemen on this team in plus-minus. Do you rub that in their faces?

Cecconi: (Laughs) No, I don’t rub it in. I take pride in that.

TMD: (Junior defenseman Michael) Downing said we should ask about not having a goal.

Cecconi: Well, it’s coming. Hopefully, it’s coming. He teases me that there is something I can do to break the slump, but that’s a secret. I might have to pull it off.

TMD: We won’t ask what that is (laughs). Well what was it like rooming with (freshman forward) Cooper Marody while he had mono? Was he always asleep?

Cecconi: He actually went home. He lives 20 minutes away and he went home for three weeks, so I didn’t have to worry about anything.

TMD: Did you clean up his area? Disinfect it?

Cecconi: Yeah, lots of Lysol. A lot of cleaning. It’s still a mess.

TMD: Who is messier, you or Cooper?

Cecconi: Cooper. I always clean up. His side of the room is disgusting. He’s got all his guitars and his amps and all that crap everywhere.

TMD: Is it annoying living with somebody who makes so much noise making music?

Cecconi: He actually goes downstairs, to be honest. Sometimes he’ll give me a performance, and I’ll be tired and it helps me fall asleep, so it’s good.

TMD: Why weren’t you featured in his recent song?

Cecconi: I don’t know. I got to talk to him about that. I’m not too happy.

TMD: What were your thoughts about that song?

Cecconi: I think I heard the first 10 seconds; I didn’t really listen to it (laughs). I’ll look at it tonight.

TMD: What did you think of (sophomore) Cutler Martin (playing) forward (this past weekend)?

Cecconi: I liked that. Big body up front that can hit. He brings a lot of energy to the line.

TMD: Have you ever made (coach) Red Berenson laugh?

Cecconi: Me, personally? I don’t think so. I think I’ve gotten a couple of grins or smirks. I’m not sure if I got a laugh.

TMD: Cooper told us to ask what you said to your grandpa about eating the free dining hall food.

Cecconi: So, everyone knows about the virus going around and I really didn’t want to eat that food and get sick. My grandpa and I have a really good relationship, and I say some funny things to him from time to time, so I told him that you can’t put regular fuel in a Ferrari and he loved it. He actually put money on my card to go eat somewhere else.

TMD: (Laughs) That’s just practical. I mean, you can’t get sick.

Cecconi: We got a big weekend ahead of us.

TMD: Were you happy to get out of Muskegon? (Cecconi played for the Muskegon Lumberjacks in the United States Hockey League prior to Michigan.)

Cecconi: I was happy to move on to be on my own. I had a billet family there, but now I just have Cooper. So there are no parents who tell me I can’t stay up late.

TMD: Cooper doesn’t tell you not to stay up late?

Cecconi: He’s the one who stays up all the time watching Netflix.

TMD: He told us that you needed to watch a show, “Chuck,” and you were against it and then watched the whole thing.

Cecconi: He told me to watch “Chuck” and I looked at it and it looked stupid. And I got bored one day and turned it on. The first episode was all right, the second episode was good and then it was just unreal, so I crushed it all in two weeks.

TMD: You don’t give him the satisfaction of telling him that?

Cecconi: No (laughs). Now he tells me to watch “The Office,” but I’m already watching something good. So I kind of just blow him off.

TMD: We saw a sheet in Madison that had the roommate pairings. Why did you have your own hotel room in Wisconsin?

Cecconi: According to it, I had my own room. But I opened the door and Cutler Martin was laying in the other bed (laughs).

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