Last week, sophomore forward Tony Calderone told the Daily that his roommate, sophomore forward Dexter Dancs, is obnoxious and is his last choice to room with when on the road.

Outraged, Dancs wanted to clear the air. To do so, he spoke with the Daily for this week’s edition of Quick Hits.

The Michigan Daily: Before we let you go after Tony, how would you evaluate your season to date?

Dancs: It’s been up and down. I’ve had some good spurts, and there have been spurts where I haven’t been very happy. I think in the last month or so, I haven’t been so happy with my game. But the month prior to that, I had a little streak going which was good. I need to get back to where I was playing a month ago.

TMD: So Tony told us yesterday that you’re an “obnoxious” roommate. What’s that about?

Dancs: I was very surprised with his comments, as we are roommates on the road and at home. We both seem to have a lot of fun together, but apparently I’m an obnoxious roommate, so I’d love to answer questions about Tony if you have any.

TMD: Tony told us that there isn’t a lot of dirt on him. Is that true?

Dancs: I mean there is quite an amount of dirt on Tony. I don’t want to get too dirty here, but little things. He still calls his mom two or three times a day, still has to text her about everything he is doing. He’s very self-conscious about the way he looks before he leaves the house. He always asks me if he is looking fat. He’s kind of a girl in a way. He’s a pretty-boy girl. He combs his hair and uses a lot of product.

TMD: What is his biggest flaw as a roommate?

Dancs: He always gets his mom to bring a bunch of food, but he’ll never share any of it. His mom will bring a bunch of good food that we’re excited for, and she will say it’s for everyone and he’ll make sure nobody touches it except him. I get pretty frustrated with that since my mom is a six-hour flight away, and she can’t bring anything. Mrs. Calderone acts like a second mom and he doesn’t allow it.

TMD: Maybe this can change that?

Dancs: Hopefully. I’ll make sure to send this to her.

TMD: You and (junior defenseman) Nolan De Jong are the only Canadians on the team. Are you two having a blast watching this political election?

Dancs: Yeah, I have an opinion on it. It’s funny. We just had our prime minister elected, but you probably don’t know that. I don’t think anyone here does. But I voted on that and my guy won. I’ll just let this one ride out.

TMD: A lot of people joke that they will move to Canada if Donald Trump wins. How do you feel about that?

Dancs: I think it’s pretty funny when all these Americans are getting upset when people are trying to immigrate here, but as soon as Trump gets elected, it’ll be easy for them to move to Canada. So I think that is pretty funny.

TMD: If the Canadian prime minister and Trump faced off in a debate, who would win?

Dancs: Well, I think there would be a lot of derogatory French Canadian comments made. I think there would be a lot of shots at the prime minister’s income compared to Mr. Trump’s. I think it would be a lot of fun to watch, so I’d love to see it (laughs).

TMD: Have you ever made Red Berenson laugh?

Dancs: I don’t think so. No.

TMD: Is that the hardest thing to do?

Dancs: (Junior defenseman) Michael Downing is pretty good at it. He does it every Tuesday for double downs.

TMD: On the road, who would you least like to room with?

Dancs: Well, obviously Tony.

At this point, strength and conditioning coach Joe Maher walked in the interview room.

Dancs: Well actually, probably Joe Maher. He’s really loud. He goes to bed really late.

TMD: Tony says you blast music?

Dancs: Tony has a big giant speaker! He’s blasting it every time we come home from a game. I don’t know what he is saying that I blast music.

TMD: If you had to blast one song to annoy him, what would it be?

Dancs: Tony likes all music, which is a problem. I’d probably have “Down in the DM” on repeat because he’s getting sick of it. You can also start calling Max Shuart and my line the “Down in the DM.” There is the CCM line, and we’d like to be the “Down in the DM” line.

TMD: Do you wish there were more Canadians on this team?

Dancs:  I do. … There are no Canadians committed, so when Nolan leaves, I’ll be the lone soldier rooting for the Canadians in the World Juniors.

TMD: So were you rooting against (sophomore defenseman) Zach Werenski when was playing at the World Juniors?

Dancs: Absolutely, yeah.

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