During the 2011-12 hockey season, the Daily hockey beat ran a video series called “Quick Hits.” The videos comprised of one-on-one interviews with the hockey players, which included talking about anything and everything.

At the urging of the old beat writers, the Daily is bringing back Quick Hits — this time in written form.

For the first edition, the Daily sat down with senior forward Boo Nieves, who has three goals and six assists this season, to discuss his year, Michigan coach Red Berenson, E. coli and more.

TMD: How would you evaluate your season thus far?

Nieves: It got off to a good start and then it got frustrating with that concussion. I think I’ve come back a bit stronger, and I’m slowly getting back to my game.

TMD: Do you think this is an NCAA Tournament team?

Nieves: Absolutely. I think this past weekend, we showed resilience. Yeah, we let up a lot of goals, but I think the fact that we can comeback both games, both nights, and have contributions from all different lines and players was definitely a sign of an NCAA team.

TMD: What is your most memorable interaction with Red Berenson?

Nieves: Probably when we were doing double-downs (conditioning) and (junior defenseman) Michael Downing started taking pucks out of the net so we could do 3-on-1s instead of doing conditioning skating. I’ve never seen Red smile so much in my entire life.

TMD: What was the worst part of living with (senior forward) Justin Selman in the dorms?

Nieves: He never does anything he doesn’t want to do. Like if he doesn’t want to clean up, he just doesn’t do it. If he doesn’t want to go grab the laundry, he just doesn’t do it. He’s very lazy.

TMD: Describe (junior forward) Max Shuart.

Nieves: Shuart. He’s a character. He’ll make you laugh even when you’re in a bad mood. He can always put a smile on your face. He’s the jokester on the team and keeps everyone’s spirits high.

TMD: Who’d win a fight: Shuart or Downing?

Nieves: Prison rules? Downing. In a civilized fight, probably Shuart.

TMD: Who has the strangest pregame routine?

Nieves: Steve Racine or Nolan De Jong. They are here so early and just doing a little bit of everything.

TMD: You’re a music major. Who is the best singer on the team?

Nieves: Cooper Marody. No question.

TMD: How annoying is (junior forward) JT Compher to practice against?

Nieves: Oh my God (Laughs).

TMD: What’s your go-to meal in Ann Arbor?

Nieves: Chipotle.

TMD: Even with E. coli?

Nieves: Yeah, I probably shouldn’t have said that. Probably Babo then.

TMD: Apparently you used to eat Zebra cakes, Swiss rolls and drink Arnold Palmer before games. What is that about?

Nieves: My old roommate Ryan Rosenthal is actually buddies with (Selman) from home, and he and I had a ritual before games (at Prep School). We did that one game, and it took off from there so we had to keep doing it.

TMD: That can’t be healthy…

Nieves: It was usually the night before games (laughs). 

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