Andrew Nakamura/Daily.

The week starts off on a very high note with Mercury exiting its retrograde phase in Gemini on 6/22. Now that Mercury is direct again, conversations will be able to flow more easily, it will become much easier to focus on professional and creative endeavors and all signs will feel more energized. The moon is in Sagittarius, encouraging spontaneity and the pursuit of an abstract vision. 

On 6/23, the sun trines Jupiter, indicating amazing fortune and happiness. Make the most of this opportunity for growth in any area of your life. However, on the same day, Venus opposes Pluto, which could cause discord in your relationships.

On 6/24, the moon becomes full in the sign of Capricorn. The full moon is a powerful time for closure and brings various situations to a climax. You may find yourself letting go of the past, grounding yourself in the present and setting yourself up for the future. The moon in Capricorn represents a strong desire to succeed and be productive, 

Just when Mercury stations direct, Neptune begins its retrograde cycle in Pisces on 6/25. Neptune is one of Pisces’s ruling planets, so its energy is especially powerful right now. Your imagination may become more active, but be careful not to lose your grip on reality. You may be more sensitive than usual, so try not to take everything to heart right now. On 6/26, the moon enters Aquarius, which stimulates our intelligence and encourages socialization.

Venus enters the explosive sign of Leo on 6/27 and brings prosperity for every sign. Now is a great time to pursue your creative passions and form new connections. Life is brimming with joy right now, so go out and have fun.

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