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Celestial Motion

The week opens with a Mercury sextile Uranus transit, which encourages us to converse with people who are very different from us. It is important to keep an open mind and think toward the future at this time. Gaining new perspectives can teach us a lot about ourselves and the world, and we can use this knowledge to solve our problems. The moon is in Sagittarius, pushing us to pursue our passions, explore the world and learn more about anything and everything. However, do not be too reckless and at least plan ahead.

Venus enters Virgo on July 21, pushing our love lives in a pragmatic way. Simple romantic gestures like doing mundane errands for someone else can go a long way during this time. Generally, all signs are driven by the need to feel useful and valuable in love. However, Venus in Virgo can make us become overly critical and less sensitive to others.

The sun makes an explosive re-entry into its home sign Leo on July 22. Leo season is incredibly energetic and joyful. This is a great time for creative self-expression, forming new connections, cultivating romantic relationships, flourishing in our careers and doing pretty much anything we desire. It is very important to let ourselves shine and have fun, but be careful not to become too self-centered. Venus is also opposite Jupiter, which brings extremely fun energy, but it can easily become chaotic if we are not in control of ourselves. Indulge in your pleasures but do not overdo it and remain committed to your responsibilities. The moon enters Capricorn on the same day, granting us a huge burst of motivation to succeed in all that we do. We greatly value efficiency and productivity, but this can be a very draining existence.

On July 23 the moon becomes full in the sign of Aquarius. While new moons begin a cycle, full moons end cycles, meaning everything that is built after a new moon reaches its peak on the full moon. This brings very intense emotional energy as we release damaging habits and embrace rewarding situations. The Aquarius moon is marked by an objective approach to our emotional situations. Now is a good time to socialize and bounce ideas off of each other. However, we may feel less inclined to commit to anything that we don’t want to do, even if we should see it through anyway.

Mercury trines Neptune on July 24, allowing our minds to drift into our dream worlds. It is difficult to memorize small details at this time, but you are extremely in-tune with the big picture. This transit also helps communication flow smoothly. The next day, Mercury is opposite Pluto, which starkly contrasts the previous transit. Now is a very good time to dive deep into a topic and learn minuscule details. However, this transit can cause arguments as you battle with differing perspectives. The week ends with the moon in Pisces: a powerful time for introspection, dreaming and vulnerability.

Aries (07/20-07/26)

Your passionate drive often pushes you to your fullest extent all the time, but Venus’s arrival in Virgo encourages you to slow down and relax. You may feel an urge to set new routines for a healthier and happier lifestyle. When the sun enters Leo, your love life will gain a massive amount of energy. Now is a good time to form new connections, build on existing ones and overall have a fun time. The Aquarius full moon may force you to check in with your goals and future plans, especially regarding your career.

Taurus (07/20-07/26)

Venus’s transit into Virgo marks a period of general light-heartedness for you. You may feel more flirtatious in your love life, and more creative outside of romance. During the sun’s orbit in Leo, you may want to focus more on improving your living space and becoming more fulfilled in your personal life. If you’ve been putting in a lot of effort in your career, the Aquarius full moon indicates that your work will blossom into fruition.

Gemini (07/20-07/26)

When Venus enters Virgo, you may want to focus on cultivating a peaceful and harmonious home life. Now is a good time to decorate your living space as well as develop connections with your loved ones. The sun’s entrance into Leo may lead you to discover or broadcast important information. The full moon in your fellow air sign, Aquarius, may grant you a new perspective on your travel and education plans, and this realization may greatly impact your future decisions.

Cancer (07/20-07/26)

Venus’s orbit through Virgo may bring some much-needed clarity in communication, and you may feel more fulfilled by making other people happy. The sun in Leo is encouraging you to think carefully about how you can save money and grow your finances. At the same time, the full moon in Aquarius is also centered around your shared finances. You will need to communicate effectively and compromise with another person in order to settle both monetary and emotional debts at this time.

Leo (07/20-07/26)

You may come upon an abundance of wealth as Venus enters Virgo. You’re shining especially bright under the blazing brilliance of the Leo sun. You will feel an extreme increase in energy, joy and fortune. Spend this next month celebrating life because this is your season. However, the full moon in Aquarius may unveil conflict in your relationships. While you may often feel that you know best, you should try to look at the issue from another perspective. If you strongly care about these relationships, you should try to compromise.

Virgo (07/20-07/26)

Venus is entering your sign, bringing overall prosperity into your love life. You should use this opportunity to meet new people and treat yourself. The sun in Leo is encouraging you to rest and explore your own thoughts and fears. At the same time, you can absolutely harness this positive energy to explore your interpersonal relationships if you wish to pursue that. The Aquarius full moon urges you to purge any unnecessary and negative habits.

Libra (07/20-07/26)

You often live your life for the public eye, but Venus in Virgo is pushing you to internally reflect on every aspect of your life. You may feel more fulfilled by spending private time with your loved ones rather than getting swept up in the commotion of new connections. The sun in Leo also encourages you to introspect about your goals and spend time with people who share your interests. The full moon in your fellow air sign, Aquarius, is building up to a grand emotional release especially in your love life or creative pursuits.

Scorpio (07/20-07/26)

You may often have a hard time opening up to people, but don’t be afraid to share your aspirations with your loved ones when Venus enters Virgo. The sun’s transit through Leo makes a very joyful and prosperous day in all areas of your life. You should connect with others, but be sure not to get carried away with the blissful spirit of the Leo season and do not go back on your word. The full moon in Aquarius may cause you to reminisce on your childhood and allow you to let go of anything from the past that is holding you back.

Sagittarius (07/20-07/26)

Venus’s transit through Virgo is a great time for you to connect with people in your profession, and you may be rewarded for your work. The sun in your fellow fire sign Leo is igniting your drive to explore the world and expand your horizons. You should relish this joyous period, but do not get too carried away and forget your responsibilities. The Aquarius full moon is revealing information to you, and you should process it in an objective way.

Capricorn (07/20-07/26)

When Venus enters your fellow earth sign, Virgo, love may find you from a great distance away. During Leo season, you will be pushed to move on from past issues and settle any outstanding debts. The full moon in Aquarius highlights concerns that you’ve been having about finances. You may gain a new perspective about material things that may shift your definition of success.

Aquarius (07/20-07/26)

During Venus’s transit through Virgo, you may value people who silently show you love rather than people who just say what you want to hear. Leo season encourages you to both meet new people and deepen your relationships with your loved ones. The full moon occurs in your sign, and you may come to an important personal realization that will affect your relationships. Although you usually stay away from feelings, you are deeply in tune with your emotions at this time. Internal reflection may feel painful now, but your deep understanding of yourself will help you in the future.

Pisces (07/20-07/26)

Venus’s transit into Virgo brings a lot of prosperity regarding your friendships and love life, no matter if you are meeting new people or revisiting old connections. You may want to revise your routines and care for your health during Leo season. The full moon in Aquarius may be emotionally draining, so be sure to save a ton of time to rest and recharge.

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