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Celestial Motion (08/04-08/11)

A rare three transits all involving Uranus, the planet of sudden changes, compose this week’s first three transits. On 8/3 Venus, the planet of love and finances, forms a trine with Uranus, encouraging experimentation in romance and career. Now is also a great time to socialize and go out without a specific purpose in mind. On the same day, Mercury, the planet of communication and intelligence, forms a square with Uranus. This transit may yield unexpected news, upheavals of routines and miscommunication. However, you may also begin to see things from a different perspective, giving you a more holistic view of a situation. On 8/6, the sun, the planet of identity and life, forms another square with Uranus. The intense energy of the sun coupled with the unpredictability of Uranus makes this a very explosive combination. Extreme changes in your life may occur left and right, stirring outrage and impulsivity. It is incredibly important to keep an open mind and remain flexible to any changes at this time.

This week’s main cosmic event is the new moon in Leo on 8/8. New moons indicate the beginning of a new cycle and they bring an abundance of energy with them. This is a powerful time to set your sights on a goal and charge at it full speed. This new moon occurs in Leo, indicating an extreme boost in confidence and creativity. Now is a great time to strike up a conversation with someone you just met or begin to work on a new passion project that you’ve been putting off.

To close out the week, on 8/9 Venus opposes Neptune, the planet of dreams and illusions. You should watch out for over-romanticization of people or opportunities that may only want to take advantage of you. Love and money may seem hazy right now, so navigate through these areas of your life carefully.  


The Venus-Uranus trine may yield a surprising reward that could lead to a new opportunity in your career. The two other Uranus transits indicate unpredictability in your plans, so be ready to change on short notice. You always love new beginnings, and the new moon in fellow fire sign Leo is igniting your drive to start everything anew. Use the electrifying Leo energy to fuel new ventures in your social life and life aspirations. Venus’s opposition with Neptune may allow fear and uncertainty to take root in your mind, but you should try to relax because it is all just in your head.


When Uranus both trines Venus and squares Mercury, you may feel great elation, but watch out for an unexpected discovery. The sun’s square with Uranus may stir up drama in your home life, but this may spur you to take a more active role in your life. If you’ve been wanting to change your appearance or renovate your home, the new moon in Leo is a great time to do it. While your fixed nature may make you resistant to change, you should get out of your comfort zone in order to set better routines for the future. When Venus opposes Neptune, you should be careful not to give others too much of your energy.


The trio of Uranus transits this week lead to many surprises, but as a Gemini, you have always been very adaptable to any situation. Seek to use this spontaneity to your benefit rather than feeling burdened by it. The new moon in Leo is encouraging you to devote your energy toward people who support your goals rather than those who are always trying to put you down — just be careful not to cause any unnecessary drama with your sharp tongue. Venus’s opposition of Neptune may make you revisit some past hardships, so try to remain grounded and in control.


Venus’s trine with Uranus is amplifying your social life, and you should try new things at this time. The sun and Mercury’s squares with Uranus may lead to unexpected run-ins with people, so stay vigilant. The moon is your ruling planet, so the new moon is especially important for you. The energy of the Leo new moon may feel intense and overwhelming, but this is only because the moon is calling you to make all your career aspirations come true. Be brave and push forward to achieve your goals. Conversations can be difficult to navigate when Venus opposes Neptune. Everyone is in a crabby mood, so take communication slow to avoid any misunderstandings.


Your finances and career benefit from Venus’s trine with Uranus, but be prepared for some unexpected interactions when Mercury squares Uranus. The sun’s square with Uranus on top of it all may cause some sort of sudden development. The light of the new moon shines upon your sign, awakening your emotional side and replenishing your energy. You may feel more upfront and honest with your thoughts and feelings at this time. You should trust your intuition and refrain from suppressing your emotions at this time. When Venus opposes Neptune, you should be extremely careful with how you spend your money, since this transit leads to a lot of confusion.


You love to meticulously plan out everything in your life, but this week is challenging your adaptability. When Uranus trines Venus and squares the sun, you may feel compelled to investigate a totally new idea, possibly due to unexpected information coming to light when Mercury squares Uranus. This new moon in Leo is a good time to be creative and feed your curiosity without fear of disorganization. However, you should also take time to rest before embarking on this new journey. When Venus opposes Neptune, you should carefully examine the qualities truly present in your relationships and the qualities you are projecting.


When your ruling planet Venus trines Uranus, you may find yourself cutting ties with the past in order to move on to a brighter future. You may make a surprising discovery when Mercury squares Uranus, and the sun’s square with Uranus may push you to change the way you spend your time and energy. You may feel a strong desire for human connection when the new moon in Leo rises. Your Libra nature may often lead you to neglect your own needs in favor of serving others. You should find ways to keep people happy without sacrificing your own needs. You should be honest with your loved ones about the trajectory of your relationships when Venus opposes Neptune, but you should craft your words carefully in order to avoid conflict. 


The Venus-Uranus trine sparks prosperity in your love life and creative expression. All the Uranus transits indicate you may meet someone who unexpectedly shifts your perspective on life and the world. The new moon in Leo will bring new opportunities for your finances to thrive. Small creeks cascade into powerful rivers, meaning you should start building a better future for yourself now, but you can take things slow and consider every step carefully. You should take time away from the stress of life when Venus opposes Neptune, as uncertainty may poison your love life.


You may reach a breakthrough in your career as Venus trines Uranus, possibly earning you some recognition. Mercury and the sun’s squares with Uranus may yield sudden changes to your routine. The flame of inspiration blazes brighter than ever before once the new moon in fellow fire sign Leo shines down upon the earth. Now is the time to pursue your wildest dreams and realize your next big goal in life. However, be careful not to let your life’s passionate flame burn out too quickly.


The three Uranus transits are fueling your passion and creativity, pushing you to break through any limiting cycles. The new moon in Leo brings financial prosperity, and your industrious work ethic and incredible skills in your career deserve to be recognized. At the same time, you need to take pride in yourself, or else validation from others will always feel dishonest. Venus’s opposition to Neptune may cause situations around romance and finances to become unclear, so tread lightly.


When Venus trines Uranus, you may reach a creative breakthrough. Mercury’s square with Uranus brings surprising information and the sun’s square with Uranus could brew uncertainty in your home life. The new moon in Leo is encouraging you to form deeper connections while also examining who you are letting into your life. While you usually try to think purely logically, you should allow your emotions to provide some important clarity on your relationship dynamics. You may feel insecure in your finances when Venus opposes Neptune.


Venus’s trine with Uranus may lead to some illuminating conversations about love or with a romantic partner. Your routine may be suddenly disrupted when Mercury and the sun both square Uranus. The new moon in Leo is letting your creativity soar to new heights. Use this abundant energy to your advantage and let your ideas be heard. Insecurity may plague your imagination when Venus opposes your ruling planet Neptune while it is in your sign. Take time for yourself and try to remain grounded in order to quash any fears of catastrophe.

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