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Celestial Motion

On July 27, Mercury enters Leo, which pushes us to think big and be loud. Our goals and our ideas become much more lofty and dramatic, but we aren’t focused on small details or even the flaws in our plans. Mercury in Leo allows us to express ourselves clearly and stimulates our creative pursuits. However, while we speak our minds eloquently, we may not listen as well as we usually do.

The next day, Jupiter is orbiting in its retrograde cycle, which means that it is moving backward through the signs. It started its retrograde orbit in Pisces earlier this year, but it has now moved back into Aquarius. While Jupiter is in Aquarius, themes of community and desires come to the forefront. During the retrograde, we may find that our friend groups or innermost wishes have changed, and we must not dwell on the past in order to grow.

On July 29, Mars enters Virgo, bringing forth a wealth of productive energy. In contrast to Mercury in Leo, Virgo Mars is all about the tiny details. We gain immense fulfillment from completing tasks perfectly and performing with proficiency. We may feel more attentive and precise, which should curb some of the more negative side effects of the Leo Mercury. On the same day, Mars opposes Jupiter, which inspires a very competitive drive from success. You may feel more self-confident and more willing to take risks, but there will be immense repercussions if you become greedy or over-confident.

This week brings us three different planetary ingresses one day after another. This is very irregular, and the energy around us may abruptly change because many major planets are changing signs, especially given that Venus and the sun changed signs just last week. However, while this sudden shift may feel unexpected, these planetary placements appear very favorable for the majority of the signs.


When Mercury enters fellow fire sign Leo, you may feel much more creative, driven and extroverted. Along the same lines, Jupiter’s re-entry into Aquarius encourages forming new connections. Your visions for the future may also become more clear at this time. As Mars enters Virgo, you may feel more motivated to be productive and organize your daily schedule. This is a good time to start new routines and kick any bad habits, especially regarding health and work.


As Mercury enters Leo, your attention may turn inward toward your home and family life. You may reconnect with something from the past as your plan for the future. In your work life, Jupiter’s return to Aquarius may draw some opportunities in for you, and you may feel extremely motivated to achieve your goals. When Mars enters fellow Earth sign Virgo, you may overcome some creative obstacles and feel more passionate in your love life.


People will approach you ready to engage in deeper conversations during this Mercury in Leo period. While emotional depth may sound intense, sociability is your strongest asset, and this is a very good opportunity to strengthen your relationships. Jupiter reverses into fellow air sign Aquarius, encouraging you to explore even further in your intellectual pursuits. Mars’s transit through Virgo may push you to resolve issues in regards to your home life, whether these problems are with your physical living space or with the people in your home.


During Mercury’s transit through Leo, you should set a concrete plan to settle your debts and better manage your finances in the future. Jupiter’s re-entry into Aquarius doubles down on this theme of financial reflection, but this time you must examine your shared finances. Consider how much you want to rely on other people for money and how you will achieve that goal. After all this pondering, Mars’s entrance into Virgo is a great time to put your plans into action.


When Mercury enters your sign, you may feel an incredible urge to learn more about the world, and you should explore that desire. Jupiter’s return to your opposite sign Aquarius will significantly boost your love and social life. Now is a great time to make new connections or deepen your existing relationships. When Mars enters Virgo, you may want to consider ways to get more money or use your resources wisely.


You may often have no qualms about speaking your mind in a brutally honest way. However, while Mercury is in Leo you should avoid saying anything that could cause unnecessary conflict. Jupiter’s re-entry into Aquarius may pressure you to overload your schedule, but you should resist the urge to overwhelm yourself in work and instead take time to relax and take care of yourself. When Mars enters your sign, you will feel an incredible boost in energy to accomplish your goals.


When Mercury enters Leo, you should accept any invitations to social events. Now is a great time to reconnect with old friends. Jupiter’s return to Aquarius indicates an increase in creativity, prosperity in your love life and an overall fun time, so you should indulge in the abundance of joy all around you. Mars’s transit through Virgo may leave you feeling unmotivated in work, but you should find a balance between completing your daily tasks and giving yourself some free time.


You’ve been overworked and underpaid lately, but this Leo Mercury, you should demand what you deserve. As Jupiter reenters Aquarius, you may feel inspired to redecorate your home and start new routines to improve your day-to-day life. When Mars enters Virgo, you may feel especially passionate about your beliefs, and you should fight for your cause. If you put your mind to it, you can spark change in your community.


As Mercury enters fellow fire sign Leo, you may feel more intrigued by everything around you, and you should keep actively learning about different perspectives and experiences. Furthermore, you may not need to go far in order to explore the world around you; you may find yourself connecting with your neighbors and people physically close to you when Jupiter returns to Aquarius. When Mars enters Virgo, you may feel especially passionate about your career goals, and this is a great time to be productive.


When Mercury enters Leo, you may want to examine your finances and consider how you can manage your resources better. You may often feel pressured to work out your problems alone, but you should seek insight from a trusted individual for this. Luckily, Jupiter’s re-entry in Aquarius brings fortune to your finances, encouraging you to make smart investments for your own security and prosperity.


During Mercury’s transit through Leo, you may feel more drawn to socialize, especially one-on-one. Jupiter’s re-entry into your sign brings a general abundance of energy and opportunity to you. Don’t be afraid to relish your optimism during this time. When Mars enters Virgo, you may have to confront your fiscal debts. Emotionally, you may need to move on from the past.


Mercury’s shift into Leo brings an extremely productive time in your work. Your coworkers will admire your proficiency, but do not let them take advantage of your skills and generous nature. Your intuition is always strong, but Jupiter’s return to Aquarius makes your imagination and subconscious even more powerful. When Mars enters Virgo, your loved ones may be more honest and direct with you, and they may feel extremely driven to accomplish their goals. However, this could make them more confrontational and frustrated, so tread carefully.

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