Andrew Nakamura/MiC.
Andrew Nakamura/MiC.

Celestial Motion

Hi everyone, Andy here with this semester’s first monthly horoscope! I’m very excited for the return of the horoscopes and I hope you enjoy this new format. This section gives general information for all signs (such as the dates of each event). For the fullest reading experience, please read this section first before skipping down to your sign. To learn how I write these horoscopes, check out my explanatory column here.

The first major celestial events both occurred on Jan. 12, starting the new year with a bang. Mercury leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius. We may become more receptive to new ideas and push our thinking outside the box. Our minds shift toward progressive issues and lean toward objectivity and spontaneity, but this can lead our thoughts to become somewhat fragmented. The moon enters its new moon phase on the same day while transiting through Capricorn. New moons begin the start of cycles, which is fitting since it is a new year. Capricorn is a very emotionally repressed sign, so this new moon is encouraging us to approach our problems logically and refrain from emotional outbursts.

Jan. 14 brings us into the infamous Mercury retrograde cycle. Many small and specific things may go wrong, like technical difficulties or traveling mishaps. However, the overarching issues surrounding Mercury retrograde involve communication. People may grow distant and miscommunication is abundant. Now is the time to be patient with others and try to communicate as clearly as possible.

Three major events occur back-to-back during the third week of January. On Jan. 17, the moon becomes full in Cancer, which is its planetary ruler. This is a significant connection indicating an end to a phase of your life. Since the moon is in Cancer, emotions may run higher than usual. After five months, Uranus’s retrograde cycle finally comes to an end on Jan. 18. Uranus retrograde left us feeling extremely stuck in our lives with no motivation to continue forward. With its return to its normal orbital cycle, we may feel suddenly reinvigorated to make a change to our lives. Now is the time to start new projects or revisit any old ones from the past. Approaching our old issues with a fresh mindset may be the key to resolving them. Aquarius season begins on Jan. 19, allowing us to break free from the rigid, work-focused mindset of Capricorn and seek the freedom to innovate. Aquarius season has us motivated by genuine curiosity for knowledge and experience. We all wish to live a life free from restrictions and expectations and chase our intellectual pursuits.

On Jan. 24, Mars enters Capricorn, focusing our energy toward our work. Our passions and energy are very consistent and we may become more thoughtful and less rash. However, we may feel very rigid in our ways and inflexible to any obstacles,which clashes with Aquarius season’s energy. The next day, Mercury’s retrograde cycle brings the planet back into Capricorn, which may cause our communication to be more harsh and pragmatic rather than emotionally expressive. We also may be more focused during this time. The month ends with Venus exiting its retrograde cycle. While Venus was retrograde, people may have seemed distant and we may have been carefree with our spending. Once Venus returns to its normal cycle, we may feel more loved and appreciated by those around us, as well as more careful with our finances.


image of aries sign

Individuals from your past friendships may suddenly re-approach you during this Mercury retrograde in your eleventh house of social groups. Since Mercury retrograde often leads to lagging in communication, you may want to give them the benefit of the doubt if they don’t text back right away. When the sun moves into Aquarius and your eleventh house, you may turn your attention toward social justice issues; and with the start of the new semester, now is a great time to join new student organizations — such as Michigan in Color — in order to meet others who share your interests. On Jan. 24, your ruling planet, Mars, moves into Capricorn and your tenth house of career ambitions. Now is the time to invest your energy into your work. It’s important to be passionate about your professional life, so if you don’t feel enthusiastic about your work, now is the time to consider your happiness in the future.


image of taurus sign

Just five days after Mercury stations retrograde in Aquarius and your tenth house of career ambitions, the sun shifts into your tenth house as well. These two transits carry very contrasting energies, but they are both affecting the professional side of your life. While the sun is encouraging you to work hard to achieve your goals, Mercury is placing a lot of intellectual blockages preventing you from moving forward and sapping your motivation. You must persevere in spite of the challenges laid in front of you. When Uranus exits its retrograde cycle in your sign and your first house of self-identity, you may find the motivation that you have possibly been missing for a long time now. This is also a great opportunity to revisit old issues and approach them from a new perspective. Finally, your ruling planet Venus leaves its retrograde cycle in your ninth house of travel and higher learning, which may make the people around you feel less distant. This is also a good time to invest in your education, but be careful about planning any trips since Mercury is still in retrograde.


image of gemini sign

The new year starts with the new moon in your eighth house of rebirth. This is a phenomenal time to make a great change. You’re letting go of your baggage from last year in order to chase a new horizon. However, the mood dampens when your ruling planet Mercury enters its retrograde cycle in Aquarius and your ninth house of philosophy. Be extra careful if you are planning any trips. You may have a hard time grasping the material of your classes, but don’t be too discouraged and remember to seek out help from your instructors if you need it. When the sun enters Aquarius and your ninth house, you may begin to see your educational pursuits through a new lens, granting you some clarity. Now is the time to invest your energy into an intellectual pursuit that really interests you. Toward the end of the month, Mercury’s retrograde cycle brings it back into Capricorn, possibly leaving you feeling stuck in your routine and needing to unpack repressed issues before being able to continue onward.


image of cancer sign

The new moon at the beginning of the month occurs in your seventh house of partnerships, encouraging you to break out of your shell and create new professional, platonic or romantic connections. These bonds could be very useful since Mercury stations retrograde in your eighth house of rebirth. This may leave you feeling stuck in a situation that makes you unhappy, and you may be sorting out a lot of internal struggles. At this time, it’s important to know who you can rely on to support you — and who you can’t. Just five days after Mercury retrograde, the sun joins Mercury in Aquarius and your eighth house. Now is a time of intense reflection. In order to move toward a happy and fulfilling future, you may need to let go of things that do not serve you, even if it is a painful process. The month ends with a full moon in your sign and your first house of self, indicating that a significant connection or project may blossom into fruition and leave you feeling immensely fulfilled.


image of leo sign

January’s new moon occurs in your sixth house of health, pushing you to adopt new routines that will allow you to keep up with your work while also making space for free time. This is also a great opportunity to clean up your physical space. Mercury stations retrograde in your seventh house of partnerships, leading to a significant blockage in your ability to socialize and make new connections. Leos can sometimes have a temper when things don’t go their way, but now is the time to remain calm and work through any misunderstandings slowly. The sun moves into Aquarius and your seventh house of partnerships as well, easing up on Mercury’s total social battery drainage and encouraging you to form new relationships, especially once the retrograde finishes in February. When Mercury’s backwards retrograde motion brings the planet back into Capricorn and your sixth house, you may want to become lax with the organization of both your schedule and your physical space, but try to keep up your routines as best as you can.


image of virgo sign

As a sign ruled by Mercury, Mercury retrograde is always an impactful time for Virgos, but this retrograde is especially intense since Mercury is currently in your ruling house, the sixth house of health. You may be letting your time slip away from you as you procrastinate on homework to waste time scrolling through Schlissel’s public emails. With the start of Aquarius season, the sun also enters your sixth house, giving you a push to resist Mercury retrograde’s alluring lackadaisical nature. Especially since the semester has just begun, this is a great time to examine your schedule and set new routines that will allow you to complete your responsibilities while still allowing time for self-care. At the end of the month, Mercury’s retrograde cycle causes it to move backwards into Capricorn and your fifth house of creativity. You may feel creatively blocked at this time, especially at work.


image of libra sign

The new moon in Capricorn and your fourth house of home and family starts your year off right with the motivation to tidy up your home. After all, a clean living space can help you clear your mind, plus Libras love aesthetic interior design. Mercury also enters fellow air sign Aquarius in your fifth house of creativity at this time. Now is a great time to start on any new creative ideas before Mercury turns retrograde in the middle of the month, possibly creating creative blockages. Communication can also be difficult now, which can be intimidating for Libras since they are very social signs and react badly to poor social interaction. Try not to overthink every conversation at this time. Fortunately, the sun’s transition into Aquarius and your fifth house can alleviate some of your creative blockages. At the same time, the moon becomes full in your tenth house of career ambitions, indicating that you may complete a work project and possibly be rewarded for it. Finally, your ruling planet Venus leaves its retrograde cycle in your fourth house of home and family, which may make you feel closer with your family and/or roommates.


image of scorpio sign

This mercury retrograde occurs in your fourth house of home and family. Communication with your family or roommates may become suddenly more strained. Now is the time to be patient with those around you and try not to take people’s words too personally. You may also want to beware of home appliances breaking since technology can sometimes go haywire during Mercury retrograde. At the same time, the sun also moves into Aquarius and your fourth house. This could indicate that despite any possible issues with your loved ones, you should still seek to communicate with them and resolve any issues that may arise because you love them. It could also just mean that you should clean your house. The month ends with a full moon in fellow water sign Cancer and your ninth house. You may find academic success or feel fulfilled by traveling at this time.


image of sagittarius

Mercury begins its retrograde cycle in Aquarius and your third house of communication and intelligence. Now is an abysmal time for communication, unfortunately. You cannot run your mouth and expect your words to land at this time; you need to speak with intention. You may also feel very distracted at this time, especially in class, so make sure you’re caught up with your work. The moon becomes full in Cancer and your eighth house of rebirth. You are feeling more creative and motivated than ever, and now is a great time to set new goals and work towards achieving them. The sun also moves into Aquarius and your third house, giving you more encouragement to combat the adverse effects of Mercury retrograde. At the end of the month, Mercury’s retrograde motion pulls the planet back into Capricorn and your second house of romance and finance. Be careful with your money because Mercury retrograde often leans into excessive spending habits.


image of capricorn sign

This is an extremely eventful month for Capricorns. The month began with a new moon in your sign on the second day of the month. This lunar phase marks the start of a new beginning for you. Mercury retrograde occurs in your second house of romance and finance, which could cause carelessness and miscommunication. You should be slow and deliberate when trying to discuss your relationship needs and boundaries with your partner in order to avoid any miscommunication. You should also carefully monitor your bank account since Mercury retrograde can often coax people into frivolous and excessive spending. The sun joins Mercury in the second house, and while this is a positive transition, the advice remains largely the same: be patient with your romantic connections and spend wisely. Later, Mars moves into your sign, encouraging you to focus your energy inward and pursue opportunities that will make you feel fulfilled, especially in work. Finally, Venus exits its retrograde cycle in your sign and your first house; people may feel less distant from you and you may become more in tune with your feelings.


image of aquarius sign

The sun finally shines upon you! This Aquarius season is the time to live carefreely and pursue anything that interests you. Don’t worry about anyone else’s judgments; they just aren’t visionaries like you are. Unfortunately, Mercury retrograde also occurs in your sign and your first house. You may feel confined by some institution or interpersonal connection. Aquarians are good at finding logical solutions to problems, but don’t be afraid to use your emotional intuition to locate the source of any internal cloudiness. On a brighter note, this month’s full moon in Cancer and your sixth house of health may push you to reorganize your space and take care of your mental health. In addition, Mars enters Capricorn and your twelfth house of subconsciousness, which provides a good opportunity to set new goals and plan for the future. Finally, your ruling planet Uranus exits its retrograde cycle in your fourth house of home and family, which may clear any tensions within your home at the end of the month.


image of pisces sign

Mercury entered its retrograde cycle in your ruling house, the twelfth house of subconsciousness, meaning that your imagination may suddenly become foggy. Now is a good time to rest and spend time by yourself. The sun’s transition into Aquarius and your twelfth house may restore some of your creative energy and push you to start working on new projects while you spend time by yourself to recharge. Now is not the time to worry about quality or presentability — you should just create whatever speaks to you. With Mars entering Capricorn and your eleventh house of social groups, you may begin to invest your energy into learning more about social causes and finding ways to contribute. You may also develop more friendships in your work life.

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