Andrew Nakamura/Daily.

The first solar eclipse of the year lands on June 10, while the new moon is in Gemini. The new moon heralds a new beginning for the signs, and the eclipse magnifies its effects. The moon in Gemini indicates an examination of how we communicate with others and learn new information. The sun’s conjunction with Mercury on the same day adds an extra emphasis on communication. Mercury still lingers in its retrograde orbit, but perhaps the conjunction and this solar eclipse will provide much-needed clarity in these confusing times. Just be careful not to chase every pipe dream following this eclipse.

Mars enters Leo on June 11, which brings immense passion and intensity. You may feel even more inspired than usual, but watch out for any fights that may break loose during this time. The moon enters Cancer on the same day, which encourages alone time and self-healing: a calm start to a potentially chaotic period with Mars in Leo.

The Venus sextile with Uranus on June 13 brings surprising gifts to all signs. On the same day, the sun squares Neptune, which may cause communication issues and overall sluggishness.

The moon enters Leo on June 14, which may inspire our creative pursuits but incite petty conflicts. Saturn squares Uranus on the same day, indicating either unwanted change or the inability to change. It will be easy to feel frustrated and stagnant at this time, but try to remain level-headed and do not force change if it is not working for you.

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