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Celestial Motion

At the beginning of the week, Venus is in conjunction with Mars, which is a powerful transit between two intensely passionate planets. This is a great time to socialize, especially in a romantic context. Outside of love, all signs will gain a large boost to their creativity at this time. On 7/13, the moon enters Virgo, which prioritizes practical matters, reorganizing our physical spaces and helping others.

The world enters into a slightly dreamy state when the sun enters a trine with Neptune on 7/15. You may feel less attached to your worldly desires and instead ponder your own internal values and ideals. This transit also inspires creativity and encourages you to start new projects. The next day, the moon enters Libra; a great time for socialization, but also makes head-on confrontation difficult when problems arise. The moon will stay in Libra until 7/17.

The last transit of the week also occurs on 7/17. The sun is placed opposite of Pluto, which could indicate some sort of internal or interpersonal conflict. Situations may start to slip out of your control and you may be forced to change your routines. However, all astrological transits can have their upsides if you can adapt. If you can acknowledge that you as an individual have little control over the world and instead embrace sudden changes, you may find peace during this chaotic transit. The week ends on a Scorpio moon — a very emotionally intense time. However, on the bright side, the Scorpio moon encourages us to find power within ourselves and cast away any limiting mindsets.

This week is quite barren in terms of astrological events; we have no major moon phases, retrograde or planetary movement between signs. However, a momentary glance at next week’s forecast displays multiple back-to-back major celestial events, so I hope that you will join me for a very exciting horoscope next week.


Venus and Mars’s conjunction in Leo brings a fiercely passionate energy into your love life and creative pursuits. Your imagination will continue to run wild as the sun trines Neptune, and you should harness this creative energy at this time. Unfortunately, the sun’s opposition with Pluto will bring tension in your career or personal life. You should face these challenges head on, but do not let your fiery temper blaze out of control.


When your ruling planet Venus becomes in conjunction with Mars, you will be able to dig deeper into family connections and potentially resolve any underlying issues. If you’ve been wanting to rearrange your living space, now is a good time to make those changes. You may feel especially creative when the sun trines Neptune, and you should bounce your ideas off of others to fuel your inspiration. While the sun’s opposition with Pluto may tempt you to unleash your innermost negative thoughts when conflict with others arises, but you should try to remain calm.


Venus’s conjunction with Mars sparks important conversations between your romantic partners and inspires you to chase after your goals. The sun-Neptune trine continues this momentum, supplying you with ample creative energy as you let go of the past and set your sights on the future. However, beware of financial issues or relationship struggles that may appear out of nowhere when the sun opposes Pluto.


The Venus-Mars conjunction will put your mind at ease and encourage you to demonstrate your prowess in your profession. The sun’s trine with Neptune will let you take life slow and spend time pursuing your creative passions. However, the sun’s opposition with Pluto may stir some frustration in regards to your relationships, so be mindful of your emotions and your words at this time.


Venus’s conjunction with Mars is especially important to you because both planets will meet in your sign. This is an incredible time to meet new people and overall just have fun. When the sun forms a trine with Neptune, you may come to a sudden realization and your creative energy will be much more abundant. The sun’s opposition with Pluto may force you to realize that you are overwhelmed and may push you to leave some overbearing commitments. However, you should carefully consider other ways to handle these situations without having to completely drop any task.


Your unstoppable drive and impeccable high standards are some of your most admirable traits, but your tendency to overwork yourself is exactly why Venus and Mars are desperately begging you to relax. The sun and Neptune’s trine will help you develop your friendships and relationships to a deeper emotional level. However, the sun-Pluto opposition brings chaos to your interpersonal relationships, and you may want to be wary of other people trying to control you.


Your social life will flourish when your ruling planet Venus is in conjunction with Mars. You will also feel much more creative and motivated at work while the sun trines Neptune. Overall, this is a very fun and vivacious time for you, but you may begin to lose confidence in yourself when the sun opposes Pluto. You often try to please others, but you shouldn’t let other people’s opinions take precedence over your own.


When Venus forms a conjunction with Mars, great opportunities to advance your career and develop your relationships will materialize. On top of that, the sun’s trine with Neptune will help you overcome any obstacles and bring you peace of mind. The sun’s opposition with Pluto is significant to you because Pluto is your ruling planet. Your conversations may become more intense, but they will reveal something important and help you work past any interpersonal problems.


The Venus-Mars conjunction will occur in fellow fire sign Leo, bringing a fun and bright atmosphere for you. Now is a good time to explore the world, envision your future and deepen your relationships. The sun’s trine with Neptune will reinvigorate your creative passions. However, you may encounter some issues with your shared finances when the sun opposes Pluto.


Venus and Mars’s conjunction encourages you to reevaluate your approach to your finances, especially in regards to your current or future relationships. The sun-Neptune trine encourages honest communication in your interpersonal relationships in order to deepen your bond. This is especially important when the sun opposes Pluto, which may force any hidden frustrations to reveal themselves.


The conjunction between Venus and Mars brings a great opportunity to meet new people and explore what you want in a relationship. You may feel more energetic and creative than usual when the sun forms a trine with Neptune. The sun’s opposition with Pluto is encouraging you to release any unfulfilling cycles from the past. Moving forward can be painful, but it will strengthen you in the end.


The Venus-Mars conjunction heralds the start of a new cycle for you. Now is a great time to let go of past habits, embrace new routines and start new projects. When the sun enters a trine with your ruling planet Neptune, you will feel an overwhelming sense of happiness and you should enjoy this abundantly blissful occasion. Unfortunately, this euphoric state of mind may quickly fade when the sun’s opposition with Pluto pushes you to uncover some underlying resentment.

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