Andrew Nakamura/Daily.

The week begins with two planetary aspects: a Venus opposition with Saturn and a Mercury square with Neptune. When Venus opposes Saturn, you may feel strain in your relationships and it may be difficult to resolve these issues directly. When working through these issues, it is best to show your love through work rather than talking through it. This is emphasized by Mercury’s square with Neptune, which leaves all signs prone to miscommunication and confusion. On July 8, Venus squares Uranus, which could push us to seek out more freedom in our relationships. At this time, it is important to be open-minded and honest without being domineering.

The new moon in Cancer arrives on July 9. The new moon usually indicates the start of a new cycle, and Cancer is marked by an emotional, caring and kind-hearted nature. Therefore, our emotions and relationships dynamics may be upheaved by this new moon. On July 11, Mercury joins the moon in Cancer. During this time, our studies and communication become much more personal and emotional. We will be much more curious about the topics that immediately affect us rather than other widely applicable subjects. We will also favor emotional reactions over objective decision-making.

The week ends on a high note with Mercury forming a trine with Jupiter on July 12. This transit inspires optimism and encourages you to make plans for the future during this time.

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