Andrew Nakamura/Daily.

The week starts off on a high note with Mars trine Neptune. This connection indicates an increase in creativity and drive. The moon in Aquarius also emphasizes an increase in creativity, but this potentially comes at the expense of our connection with our emotions. However, the moon swiftly changes to Pisces on June 1, which still boosts our creativity, but makes our connection with our emotions stronger than ever.

This week’s main event is Venus’s transition into Cancer on June 2. Venus in Cancer is very warm, gentle and affectionate. Overall this is the time to retreat into our homes and tell our loved ones that we appreciate them.

The moon enters Aries on June 3, giving us the desire and drive to start over and reinvent ourselves. This moon brings an immense boost in energy but leaves us vulnerable to impulsivity. On June 3 there are also two positive aspects: The sun trines Saturn and Venus trines Jupiter. These aspects together make us feel grounded and level-headed but still optimistic and happy. 

However, not everything gold can last. Mercury squares Neptune on June 4, which brings a general lost feeling which can affect each sign in different areas of their lives. On June 5, Mars and Pluto form an opposition, a very powerful negative aspect, which can cause intense contempt for our current situations. Try to communicate clearly and remain calm during this time.

The week closes out with the moon entering Taurus on June 6, giving us time to rest and recover after difficult transits in the last two days.

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