Andrew Nakamura/Daily.

The week begins with the Moon in Scorpio from May 24 to 25. The Scorpio Moon unearths our innermost desires and emotions, and lets us face them in all their intensity. Dig deep into your mind and abandon any fears or limiting beliefs.

The powerful energy of the Scorpio Moon transitions into the even brighter full Moon and a lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on May 26. The full Moon brings each sign closure, and the eclipse magnifies the full Moon’s power. Now is the time to make peace with your past and confidently move forward with your life.

Venus squares Neptune on May 27, leaving everyone slightly on edge and prone to disappointment. Be careful to communicate clearly. On May 28 the Moon enters Capricorn, which can motivate us to be very productive and work tirelessly toward our success.

Mercury begins its dreaded retrograde cycle on May 29, and it will exit its retrograde phase on June 22. Mercury is currently in Gemini, whose flippant nature indicates that each sign will need to face many changes at the same time. Remain flexible in order to transform Mercury retrograde’s challenges into opportunities. On the same day, Mercury forms a conjunction with Venus, which brings cheerfulness and lighthearted merriment.

The Moon enters Aquarius on May 30, which encourages us to think of new ideas, revise our usual routines and interact with others. The week closes on a high note with Mars forming a trine with Neptune, which boosts our creativity and energizes us for the week ahead.

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