University of Michigan Regent Ron Weiser (R) is expected to head the Michigan Republican Party beginning in February, after his only opponent dropped out of the race.

Scott Hagerstrom, who directed Trump’s campaign in Michigan during the election, posted on Facebook Sunday he was withdrawing from the race for Michigan GOP chair and endorsing his opponent Weiser.

In his statement, he praised Weiser’s history and expressed Weiser’s preparation for Republican leadership.

“After meeting with multiple members of the Trump White House, I’ve decided that the best way I can help make Michigan Great Again is to withdraw from the race for MIGOP Chair,” Hagerstrom wrote. “This is not the end, but the beginning of something great. I am confident that Ron Weiser understands that the future of the Michigan Republican Party lies in embracing the constitutional principles that led to President Trump’s historic victory.”

Weiser and Hagerstrom were the only two candidates up for the position. In a Facebook post, Weiser lauded Hagerstrom for his continuing work with the party and said his help will be imperative in the coming months.

“Scott is an excellent leader who is very important to making certain that Republicans win again,” Weiser wrote. “We will unite our party for victory in 2018 to elect a Republican Governor and Republican US Senator who will help President Trump implement conservative policies for our nation.”

Hagerstrom is not the only endorsement Weiser has received for the position. On Thursday, Trump’s Chief of Staff Reince Priebus and Chief Strategist Steve Bannon penned a letter recommending Weiser for the position.

In the letter, Priebus and Bannon wrote the best way to maintain control of once-blue states like Michigan is by nominating Weiser.

“Our task now is to keep Michigan a red state, and Ron Weiser is the right choice to lead that charge as Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party,” Priebus and Bannon wrote.

Weiser announced his campaign back in December. The position was vacated by Ronna Romney McDaniel, who will be heading the Republican National Committee.

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