President Donald Trump endorsed Michigan gubernatorial candidate, Attorney General Bill Schuette, Sunday morning on Twitter — or, rather, he endorsed “Attorney General Bill Shuette” [sic].

The president also expressed his commitment to bringing more jobs to the country and affirmed Schuette will aid his mission to do so.

Schuette later responded via Twitter, thanking Trump for his support.

Schuette officially announced his candidacy for governor Tuesday; however, his run has been anticipated for many weeks. Schuette has additionally been the expected frontrunner in the Republican field, despite only recently announcing his intent to run.

Schuette is best known for his investigation of the officials behind the Flint water crisis, in which 15 current and former government officials received criminal charges. He also gave a speech at the Republican National Convention in July 2016, where he highlighted the need for justice in Flint.

After promising to make Michigan a “jobs” and “growth” state at his fundraiser Sept. 13, Schuette further discussed his plans to lower income taxes and auto-insurance rates. In his platform, Schuette has additionally promised to work to repeal the Affordable Care Act in Michigan and create more, better-paying jobs.

“Michigan needs leaders who are laser-focused on jobs,” Schuette said during his official announcement according to the Detroit Free Press

In response to the tweet, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed tweeted calling Schuette “Trump Junior” and mocking the spelling error. 

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