Inspired by political involvement on campus, LSA junior Alexander Forsyth has developed a website to help expedite the process of sending mail to politicians.

The website, called Going Postal Politics, aims to reduce the tedious process of sending mail to three steps: pick from pre-made postcards, choose which politician to send the postcard to and send it for 99 cents. Users also have the opportunity to upload their own photos for postcards.

The site asserts that postcards are the most effective way to deliver a message to politicians because of their simplicity and visual effect. The postcards feature many of the issues students on campus have been fighting for, such as the Black Lives Matter Movement, #NoDAPL and the immigration ban.

“Most of the inspiration comes from students or activist Twitter,” Forsyth said. “I’ve been paying attention.”

Forsythe, a computer science major, said he originally created the program to assist his girlfriend, who had to handwrite postcards for her job. Later, his market became apparent when watching students labor over sending mail to representatives in bulk. He then set on automating the process in “five clicks.”

“I was in the (Shapiro Undergraduate Library) in January, right after the election, and there were 50 some women sitting in the back of the UGLi who had literally printed out a big stack of postcards and were writing addresses of representatives on the back,” he said. “I thought, ‘Holy crap, there’s my new market.’”

Chair of College Democrats Rowan Conybeare, a Public Policy junior, said her organization was looking forward to using the program.

“College Democrats was contacted by this group, and we are very excited to use the program,” she said. “One of our major goals for this upcoming year is to stay action-oriented and encourage student activism, and this is a great way to do that.”

The site has been live for about a week and has already gotten 10,000 page views and sent over 100 postcards, the most popular of which has been the #ShePersisted postcard.

College Republicans did not respond to request for comment. 

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