President-elect Donald Trump has selected incoming University of Michigan Regent Ron Weiser as a finance vice-chair for his inauguration this January, meaning Weiser will be serving in that capacity when he starts in his role as regent. 

Weiser, a University of Michigan alum and previous chairman of the Michigan Republican Party, was elected to the board along incumbent Regent Denise Illitch (D), edging out incumbent Regent Laurence Deitch (D) and moving the board to a 5-3 Democratic majority instead of its current 6-2 balance. He ran on his promise to freeze tuition rates and balance the growing budget.

Protests and vigils over Trump’s election, as well as several hate crimes reported in the aftermath of his election, have been frequent on campus over the past few weeks, with many students expressing fear and concern about what impact the next president could have.

Prior to serving on the inauguration committee, Weiser was also part of a national fundraising effort for the Trump Victory Committee during the campaign season, which Deitch frequently noted in his campaign. In an event last week, Weiser said he agrees with Trump’s economic policies but does not agree with all of his rhetoric in response to questions about his support for Trump.

“We all make choices, and I’m an economic conservative and I think that some of the things that I believe in are fundamental, and I don’t believe that they’re being promoted in order to take advantage of the disadvantaged,” Weiser said. “I spent most of my life trying to help the disadvantaged, not take advantage of them.”

He could not be reached for comment Wednesday on the appointment. 

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