As of Tuesday, all of Michigan’s House Democrats have supported calls for an impeachment inquiry for President Donald Trump.

Michigan U.S. Reps. Haley Stevens, Elissa Slotkin and Debbie Dingell joined the growing contingent of House Democrats calling for the President’s impeachment Tuesday.

In a statement, Stevens, who was the last of the seven to announce her support, said an investigation into the president is important for national security.

“I urge both the Judiciary Committee and Intelligence Committee to act quickly to independently investigate these matters as part of ongoing efforts to investigate numerous unethical and potentially illegal acts by the president and his administration,” the statement read. “I do not make this request lightly but rather out of a sober obligation to stand up for the rule of law and our national security.”

Dingell announced her stance Monday evening, citing similar reasons and adding a moral responsibility to the decision in a statement released Tuesday.

“It is our responsibility as members of Congress to protect the United States of America,” Dingell’s statement on Tuesday read. “We take an oath to protect our Constitution and to protect our national security. That is our moral responsibility. It is critical for the future of our democracy.”

Senator Gary Peters is the only Michigan Democrat to not have voiced support for investigations. Senator Debbie Stabenow announced her support for impeachment in July. In a statement, Peters echoed concerns for national security, while still maintaining his stance.

“Given the deeply troubling allegations before us, the administration must turn over the whistleblower complaint to Congress so we can evaluate the facts,” the statement reads. “As a former Lieutenant Commander in the U.S. Navy Reserve and now serving on Senate Armed Services Committee, I know there’s nothing more important than protecting our national security. I support the House taking actions that they deem necessary to get the facts and meet their constitutional oversight responsibility.”

The increasing calls for impeachment comes after Trump has acknowledged withholding aid to Ukraine, with allegations surfacing it was a move to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced on Tuesday that the House of Representatives will begin formal impeachment proceedings.

Camille Mancuso, communications chair of the University’s chapter of College Democrats and Public Policy junior, said the student organization supports of the seven House Democrats who have come out in favor of impeachment. 

“We stand with Nancy Pelosi and our Michigan Delegation — including Elissa Slokin, Debie Dingell, Andy Levin, Haley Stevens, Rashida Tlaib and Dan Kildee — calling for an impeachment inquiry,” Mancuso wrote in an email to The Daily. “The president must be held accountable for his actions. The job of Congress is to hold the president accountable for his unlawful actions and vote in the best interest of the American people. Congress needs to move forward with an investigation into these crimes and protect the laws that we are all expected to follow.”

Maria Muzaurieta, president of the University’s chapter of College Republicans and LSA senior, said organization believes the impeachment inquiry represents hatred against the current president.

“The most recent impeachment inquiry proves that the partisan hatred against Trump is stronger than ever,” Muzaurieta said. “Democrats need to move beyond their traumatic loss in the 2016 election and look toward the coming election as the next legitimate opportunity to take down Donald Trump. These interim attempts to delegitimize our sitting President and to divide our nation show incredible weakness that we suspect will hurt them moving forward.”

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