Robert Ritchie, better known as his stage name Kid Rock, became the second Rock to announce his consideration of candidacy for a major political office Wednesday afternoon when he tweeted out a link to what appears to be his campaign website, Responding to questions of whether the website was authentic, “the answer is an absolute YES,” he wrote.

Although the website is “real,” according to the rockstar from Romeo, Mich., whether or not his campaign is happening is still uncertain at this point. Kid Rock has yet to file any paperwork with the Federal Elections Commission, according to Washington Post columnist Emily Heil.

Additionally, his website contains very little information about the campaign, apart from a merchandise store and several campaign slogans, including “In Rock We Trust,” “Pimp of the Nation” and “Welcome to the Party.”

As a conservative celebrity and a political outsider, Kid Rock’s campaign would closely resemble the campaign of President Donald Trump. Kid Rock has been a vocal supporter of Trump, and met with Trump at the White House — along with former Alaska governor Sarah Palin and fellow Michigan rockstar Ted Nugent — for dinner in April.

Though he would face a significant challenge in his likely opponent, the incumbent Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D–Mich.), who has held the seat since 2000, the state swung in favor of Trump in the 2016 election by roughly 10,000 votes, which Kid Rock may capitalize on.

Stabenow does not appear to be worried, however. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Stabenow brushed the news of his candidacy off.

“I know we both share a love of music,” she said. “I concede he is better at playing the guitar, and I’ll keep doing what I do best, which is fighting for Michigan.”

And despite the earliness of the announcement, the Michigan Republican Party has already voiced its support for Kid Rock’s candidacy. In an interview with Fox News, Sarah Anderson, Michigan GOP press officer, said he would be an “awesome” senator.

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