Can you figure out Dash’s Sunday puzzle?

SUNDAY PUZZLE — Hello puzzle solvers! I hope you have been enjoying the Michigan Daily Crossword so far! I am very excited for what is in store this year and I especially love that we added mini crosswords. This is my first puzzle of the semester, and my third Sunday publication overall. I believe it is my strongest puzzle to date, and I really hope that you enjoy it. If you thought this was the best puzzle that you’ve ever seen, the worst puzzle ever created, or have any other comments, please feel free to message me at If you are interested in submitting a puzzle to the crossword team, email Have a great October everyone!

Tricky Clues:

9A. As a big fan of the NFL (Go Chargers), I have spent many hours watching games and following the league. Some of you may be long-time fans and some maybe just discovered the NFL last week due to Taylor Swift’s new boyfriend, Travis Kelce. Another woman who has been in the NFL journalism scene for a long time is Mina KIMES, who does a great job providing information on the NFL, for anyone who wants to learn about it.

14A. Growing up with two sisters and being from the west coast, I would always have to listen to songs that I thought were “girly”. I would listen to people like Carly Rae Jepsen and Miley Cyrus for hours straight on the radio. As I matured, I grew to like these artists more, as I didn’t have to listen to them on repeat for hours a day. One summer, when I was away from my family, I was a bit sad and tried to find some music to get over my summertime sadness. Fortunately, I found LANA Del Rey to help me through those times.

39A. Animals have always been a fascination of mine, as I believe this world has so many mysteries that are just waiting to be uncovered. A cool animal that I learned about a bit ago is called a TSE-tse fly, which is native to Africa. It is a parasite and is infamous for being extremely good at spreading diseases and bacteria. Scarily enough, they cause around 10,000 deaths per year, making them the 7th deadliest animal on earth.

58D. Japanese cuisine is some of my favorite in the world. I really enjoy the variety of ingredients used, especially when it comes to the selection of vegetables. One vegetable used in Japanese food is UDO, also known as Japanese spring vegetable. It grows on a large plant and is slightly bitter. Therefore, it is often used in tempura.

Today’s Theme:

Over the summer, I ate a lot of ice cream, especially from Michigan Creamery. When I was trying to create a theme for my puzzle, I decided that I would try something ice cream related. Firstly, for the classic flavor, vanilla. I grew up a big fan of the song “Ice Ice Baby”, by none other than the answer to 41-Across, VANILLA ICE. I thought it was interesting how many CHOCOLATE BARS were named after things in outer space, giving me the inspiration for the clue to 55-Across. 20-Across, STRAWBERRY PIE, was especially difficult to come up with and is somewhat niche. While I prefer pumpkin or apple, strawberry pie has always been a good backup. When you combine chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, you end up with NEAPOLITAN, which can be found at 34-Across.

Answer Key: