At approximately 3:00 p.m. Thursday afternoon Division of Public Safety and Security officers arrested a shirtless white male on the northwest portion of the University of Michigan Diag, between Mason Hall and the E.H. Kraus Building. Officers from the Ann Arbor Police Department were also on the scene. 
Engineering freshman Jim Walrad witnessed the arrest while handing out flyers for the Men’s Glee Club Spring Concert.
“(After hearing noise) I eventually looked at that section of the Diag and saw two police vehicles and I saw a man lying face down on the ground,” Walrad said. “He had pants on but no shirt –– looked like sweatpants and running shoes –– and the police were standing around him, and I didn’t notice any (handcuffs). I turned back and the guy was sitting upright on the ground, sitting pretzel-style, then I looked away again and the next time I looked there was one police vehicle there.”
A member of the Mason Hall custodial staff said he heard the man was roaming with a large pole hitting cars and other objects before being taken into custody. He said the man seemed mentally unstable, as if he were “on drugs or something of that nature.”
Melissa Overton, University deputy chief of police, said officers took the individual into “protective custody” and the situation was a medical emergency, but could not give any further information.
"He took off and … ran on foot and there was a short foot pursuit and he was yelling and screaming," Overton said. "He did comply with our officer's orders when we asked him to stop and get on the ground. He was being disruptive."
A woman on the scene identified herself to DPSS officers as the individual’s mother, and two men approached the woman and DPSS officers, identifying themselves as fraternity brothers of the arrested individual.
The individual was taken from the scene via ambulance.
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