A man was arrested after a footchase by the University of Michigan’s Division of Public Safety and Security Sunday afternoon. Witnesses said they heard gunshots, though officers on the scene could not confirm this at the time of publication. 

According to the DPSS crime log, the unnamed suspect was taken into custody for alleged theft of a student’s laptop, phone and iPad in the Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library.

“Property was returned to the owner,” the log reads. “The suspect, a 32-year-old visitor, was arrested for larceny from a building, resisting police and damaging police property.”  

The suspect — a 32-year old Black male measuring about 5’10 and wearing a backpack — ran through an alley on Maynard St. and was tackled by DPSS officers at William and Thompson streets. Eyewitness Lamin Fofuna, an Ann Arbor resident, was in his car on Maynard St. when the suspect ran by and broke his car’s side mirror. 

He was going back and forth in the alley and cops were folllowing him, Fofuna said. I was sitting there talking on the phone, and then he ran by and smashed by mirror. After two seconds the cops were there, though.

The suspect was taken by officers to jail shortly thereafter. 

This is a developing story. Check back at michigandaily.com for more details. 

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