SportsMonday Column: Big three sports are miserable, but there's more to see

Daily Sports Writer
Published February 14, 2010

I only have a few more of these columns to write. And as such, it’s really depressing when, week after week, the only things I have to write about are losses. And more losses. And then more losses on top of that.

I think we can all agree that — if not THE worst season in Michigan sports history — this can be recognized as the worst in the last 80 years or so.

I mean, getting swept against Nebraska-Omaha in hockey? Having to scrape together a win against Minnesota just to stay on the bubble… of the NIT? Another heartbreaker against Michigan State (in women’s basketball) stretching the Wolverines’ woes against little brother — who’s growing up quicker than we could have imagined?

I’ve tried to find more upbeat things to write about. But the misery is just piling up too fast.

So, I’m just going to choose to ignore the big sports. Sure, I’ll still go to the games and whatever, but from here on out, as my senior year winds down and the time I have left in Ann Arbor dwindles, I’m going to expand my Michigan sports horizon, check out what else the athletic campus has to offer.

I already started my quest — I checked out a women’s basketball game when the Wolverines took on Penn State a few weeks back. I actually had a great time; there were way more people in attendance than I could have imagined, and, even though Michigan was down 20-6 when I got there, they came back and won.

And last weekend, I went to a men’s swimming and diving competition — the last dual meet of the season, versus Michigan State.

The Wolverines crushed the Spartans, which was a nice feeling. There was nostalgia — back to a time when Michigan State was clearly inferior, sports-wise.

Off to a great start.

Something else I’ve always wanted to do but never could get out of class for or just kind of forgot about — opening day for the Michigan baseball team at Ray Fisher Stadium.

I doubt it’ll have the same pageantry that a Tigers opening day may have, but it’ll be a glorious Friday afternoon, I’ll invite a few friends over, grab some beers and grill some sort of meat like it was the best show in town.

Michigan baseball games are a great time, and the team (although it had a pretty lean year last season) is one of the best in the Midwest. If you’ve never seen a game, you should definitely check it out.

And in April, the water polo team hosts Indiana — a matchup of bitter rivals who just happen to be the two best teams east of the Mississippi. And regardless of what you may think about water polo, it’s a really interesting sport to watch, not to mention the prime heckling opportunities the Canham Natatorium pool deck provides.

I’ll definitely be there.

And in March, the women’s gymnastics team hosts Georgia, a traditional powerhouse. Or maybe I'll catch the other gymnastics team, who many people on campus probably don't know is ranked No. 1 in the country. They just happen to be facing the No. 2, 3 and 4 teams in the country in the next three weeks. Any of those gymnastic matchups should be a good time.

At the very least, any of these events should help me forget about the troubles with the big three.