Sparty statue painted under cover of night

Daily Sports Writer
Published January 30, 2002

Yesterday was not a good day for Sparty.

The famous sculpture of Michigan State"s mascot was covered in maize and blue paint early in the morning.

The damage was so severe that despite cleanup efforts, some blue paint was still visible at 8 p.m. last night.

The colors and timing have led most people to the conclusion that Michigan students are responsible.

Michigan and Michigan State have a basketball game tonight at 8 p.m. at the Breslin Center.

"It"s childish that Michigan students chose to paint Sparty," Michigan State freshman Brian Hamm said. "They know as well as we do, that regardless of Sparty"s color, the Wolverines will lose the game (tonight)."

An anonymous note and extremely dark picture of the vandalism were delivered to The Daily yesterday. The note claimed responsibility for the act and claimed that 4:45 a.m. was the time of the attack.

Several other Michigan students were also quick to accept responsibility, even if they didn"t actually commit the act.

"They"re getting their payback," Michigan LSA sophomore Jay Li said. "If they want to complain, they can blame the clock operator."

This fall in Spartan Stadium, Michigan State beat the Wolverines in football, 26-24, on a last-second touchdown pass to running back T.J. Duckett, despite claims by Michigan fans that the clock should have expired before that final play.

But not all of the Wolverines" fans hold such strong feelings against Michigan State.

"Some people say it"s funny, but it"s not very funny," LSA sophomore Soo Young said. "You have to remember that we are talking about a lot of property damage here."