Random Student Interview: Sara

Magazine Editor
Published January 13, 2010

Hi. Is Jillian there?
No. Who’s this?
Uh ... who’s this?
This is her roommate, Sara. Who’s this?
Trevor Calero. I’m the magazine editor at The Michigan Daily.
Oh, OK. No. I’m her roommate.
I don’t know if you read the Daily last week but we’re doing this thing called Random Student Interview. And I randomly chose your roommate, Jillian, from the student directory. But if you wouldn’t mind doing the interview, that’d be fine too.
What do I have to do?
Really just talk to me for a couple minutes.
Oh, OK.
Have you ever been to Studio 4?
I went there for the first time this weekend. It was my friend’s birthday so we went out with her. It was OK.
Just OK?
Yeah, I don’t know. If I never go back to that place again I’d be OK.
Why’s that?
It wasn’t quite what I expected. It was really just a lot of freshman, a lot of the same type of people.
I know what you mean though. I used to go to Studio a lot during my freshman year. It’s always one of those, it’s Thursday night, you’re in the dorms, you really don’t want to but the kid down the hall convinces you to go and you go because you just know it’s going to be the best night of your life and if you don’t go you’ll be missing out. And just like every weekend its the biggest dissapointment.
Everyone comes back, like, ‘Oh my god, that was so much fun.’ But then you really ask and they’re, like, ‘that sucked.’ So I just figured I’d give it a chance. But it’s really just a lot of the same people.
Exactly, like when you go its just you and everyone on your floor from Alice Lloyd.
Exactly, or everyone in ... I’m in a sorority, so it’s all my sorority sisters.
What sorority are you in?
I’m in (sorority name removed).
How’s that going for you?
Honestly, part of me regrets going through with it, that I gave rush a chance. I almost feel like I was tricked, ‘cause everyone is, like, ‘just wait until you get to rush, just wait ‘till you get to initiation, just wait till you get, here.’
It’s almost, like, just wait for the next step. But when you get to that next step, it’s never what you thought it would be.
Right, yeah.
What was rush like?
The first two days you visit all the houses and it’s 15-minute segments that you’re at each house. And you just have these really fake conversations about, you know, what dorm you’re in, what classes you’re taking. And the next set is a little bit longer and the conversations just get more fake.
Why do you keep doing it then?
I have this friend who convinced me it was going to be a good thing. We’re going to room together next year. Apparently if you have enough priority in the house, if you go to enough things, then we can live in the apartments across the street from our house. So we’re going to try to get as much priority as we can so we can live in the apartments and not in the house.
So you’re going to do as many sorority-focused events as you can so you can leave the sorority?
Yes, exactly.
What kind of things do you have to do?
Like, be a sober monitor at parties.
Do you know how awful that’s going to be? I’m just going to tell you right now, that’s going to be awful. Have you ever been to a fraternity house not drunk?
It’s going to be terrible.
Yeah, it’s going to be bad ‘cause you’re going to look around at all the ridiculously wasted people and you’re going to think, ‘Oh my god, this is me when I’m drunk.’
If it really sucks the first time maybe I’ll just de-pledge. That’s how much I’m devoted to this.
Next week you’re totally going to be out of this sorority.

— Sara is an LSA freshman. Last Monday, she stole a Pop Tart from her roommate, Jillian, who has no idea.