My professor is hot. Can I sleep with her (or him)?


Published September 11, 2007

You know the feeling. You walk into class. You find a seat. You look around.

Then it hits you - you have the single hottest teacher on campus.

The instructor smiles at you. Your mind wanders, probably more than it should.

Would the University be OK with what you're thinking about doing with your instructor?

The answer is no.

Sort of.

"The University strongly discourages romantic and/or sexual relationships between faculty members and students," according to the University's Faculty-Student Relationships policy.

But the policy never explicitly forbids a student and faculty member having a relationship.

Although the University "recognizes" that relationships between students and faculty can occur, the policy also states the University's biggest concern with faculty-student relationships - favoritism in the classroom.

Because there is an "inherent conflict of interest" when instructors are involved with their students, the faculty member must inform the University of the relationship.

Any faculty member at the University who has "supervisory responsibility" for a student they're romantically linked to is to notify his or her administrator.

If a faculty fails to disclose the relationship to an administrator promptly, the faculty member could potentially face sanctions and termination.

The policy, last updated in 2004, was first adopted in 1986. At that time, the University's Senate Assembly released a policy condemning faculty-student relationships, even when consensual. Once again, the policy expressed the University's concern for favoritism.

"Sexual relationships, even when mutually consenting ones, are a basic violation of professional ethics and responsibility when the faculty member has any for the student's academic performance or professional future."

The moral of this story? Wait the three months until you aren't the student of that particular instructor anymore.

Or, if you can't keep the secret for that long, just have your teacher tell his or her boss.

- Chris Herring