Letter to the Editor

Published January 18, 2005

Pro-choice advocate explains her position

To the Daily:

In response to Gideon D’Assandro’s letter (Arguments presented for abortion are flawed, 01/14/2005) concerning the Students For Choice board (Columnist misunderstands nature of abortion debate, 01/12/2005) and Greg Malivuk (Abortion, beating with a bat are different, 01/12/2005), I would like to make a clarification.

Students for Choice does not advocate abortion as a means of birth control, nor does it rally for the appropriation of tax-payer money to subsidize abortion. The purpose of SFC is to make abortion the last choice a woman makes. The pro-choice position advocates education and the provision of alternative methods of birth control to avoid unplanned pregnancy.

In regards to both letters, their intention was to combat the dangerous notion that domestic violence and murder are comparable to methods that doctors perform to terminate a pregnancy. I believe Malivuk’s point was to challenge the statement made by Adams (Pro-choice and hating it, 1/10/2005) that these incidents are no more of a crime than abortion. SFC argues that if Roe v Wade were overturned thousands of women will be endangered by the continued demand for and practice of abortion (of 350,000 estimated abortions, 1,000 women were reported to have died each year before Roe v. Wade).

The main philosophy of pro-choice advocates is the constitutionally supported notion that no man can impose a system of belief upon another man, or woman as the case appears to be. I do not speak for the SFC board, but I would like to defend its argument. In a world where unwed teen mothers are stigmatized, I do not believe that without proper education — not just abstinence-only education — and the financial support of both potential parents, abortion can successfully be abolished. There is also a refusal of anti-choice law makers to make exceptions in the cases of rape and incest. It is my belief that male anti-choice lawmakers lack the reproductive organs and the experience to take away the reproductive rights of an entire gender.

In conclusion, I would like to express my regrets that any woman experiencing an unplanned pregnancy would meet condemnation for her choice.

Sarah Tomasik

LSA sophomore

The letter writer is a member of Students for Choice.