Football Midseason Report: Five questions going forward

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Published October 15, 2009

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1. Which bowl game is Michigan looking at come the postseason (knock on wood)?

Well, it will be a better bowl than last year.

Too soon?

Michigan needs just two more wins to qualify for a bowl game, and assuming one-win Delaware State isn't the next Appalachian State, the Wolverines will be sitting pretty after Saturday.

Then, it just depends on where Michigan finishes in the Big Ten. The Wolverines already have two conference losses, and no team has won a Big Ten championship with multiple defeats since 2000.

But Michigan has a good shot at eclipsing .500 in the conference if it can knock off Wisconsin or Penn State. Wolverine fans can breathe a sigh of relief — they will likely go bowling in a warm-weather state, which means it won't be at the Little Caesars Pizza Bowl.

2. Is the force actually with Tate Forcier?

That certainly seems to be the case, unless the 188-pound signal caller gets his bell rung a few more times.

After a very good first six games (57.2 completion percentage! Nine touchdowns!), Forcier is the clear-cut starter, although that's assuming injuries don't prove to be his downfall.

Forcier is the real deal because he finds ways to win, and his growth potential over the next three seasons is exciting for fans. The rest of the year should help Forcier solidify his starting spot for the future, even with the top-rated quarterback Devin Gardner committed for next season.

3. Is Denard Robinson more than a glorified running back?

This could take a while to figure out.

Rodriguez has insisted that Robinson will play quarterback — he did groom Pat White at West Virginia, after all — but time and time again, Robinson has proved to be much more effective as a runner.

Saturday's game against Delaware State will hopefully provide a little insight. Robinson is expected to get many more snaps than he has so far this season. But then again, even if he looks like the next Tim Tebow, it is against the Hornets.

The second-half Big Ten matchups will be the best barometer for Robinson's future, especially with Gardner poised to enroll in January.

4. Could Warren leave school early?

No. This is Warren's first excellent season, and his playmaking ability is accentuated by the secondary's lack of depth.

But then again, considering defenses have largely avoided his side of the field, Warren's numbers are even more impressive this season. Warren's statistics, with three interceptions and 10 pass breakups, are some of the best in the conference.

At the moment, Warren doesn't look like a first-rounder, and another year under his belt would significantly help his draft stock.

It seems unlikely right now, but with Warren playing the way he is, it's something to keep an eye on.

5. When will the third round of the Free Press allegations play out?

With all of the Detroit Free Press allegations coming out this season, particularly the preseason report that Rodriguez violated NCAA practice regulations, it is almost a sure thing that follow-ups are in the works.

The practice-related accusations are currently under investigation. Although the findings aren't expected to be released any time soon, it'll be interesting to see if they have any significant effect on the program.

We don't expect the allegations to have any direct impact on the team, but you never know what could happen.