Distinguished professor dies

Daily Staff Reporter
Published January 27, 2005

The University announced the loss of an esteemed member of its faculty Tuesday when Engineering prof. Gerard Faeth passed away.

At yesterday’s University’s Board of Regents meeting, University President Mary Sue Coleman acknowledged the tragic loss of a faculty member.

According to an e-mail sent out to Engineering students by Stephen Director, the college’s dean, Faeth passed away Monday night.

Faeth began working for the University in 1985 as the Arthur B. Modine Professor of Aerospace Engineering and served as the head of the Gas Dynamics Laboratories.

Over the past 20 years, he was elected a fellow of various scientific societies, and in 1993 the College of Engineering awarded him its highest honor, the Stephen S. Attwood Award.

The award recognizes “extraordinary achievement in teaching research, service, and other activities that have brought distinction to the college and University” according to the Guidelines for Nominations for College of Engineering Faculty Awards.

Faeth specialized in the areas of combustion, heat transfer and fluid dynamics.

Faeth was slated to give his lecture as the Arthur B. Modine Distinguished University Professor of Aerospace Engineering on Feb. 8th of this year.

The board of regents created distinguished professorships in 1947 to recognize faculty for excellent teaching skills, reputation and achievement in their fields of scholarly interest.

Faeth named his professorship in honor of Modine, who received a Bachelor of Science in Engineering from the University in 1908 and invented the automotive radiator.

Faeth taught several aerospace engineering classes, including Introduction to Gas Dynamics, Combustion Processes and a seminar.

“He always took time out to answer questions,” Kevin Peterman, an Engineering senior, said. “He was just a nice guy at heart. He was a friend as well as a teacher.”

A date for Faeth’s memorial services has not been selected yet.