Crime Notes

Published January 6, 2003

No calls reported on New Year's

The new year got off to a slow start for the Department of Public Safety. According to the DPS daily incident log, officers did not receive any calls Wednesday.

Previous New Year's Days have not been as slow, according to the log. On Jan. 1, 2002, DPS officers made four arrests - two for breaking and entering into an office in the Institute of Social Research, one on an outstanding domestic violence warrant and the last for possession of illegal fireworks.

North Campus fire prevented despite smell of smoke

A resident of Northwood IV on North Campus reported Thursday afternoon that he smelled smoke and heard a fire alarm sounding from a neighboring unit. Upon arriving at the scene, DPS officers found that there was no fire, but a pot had been left on the stove.

Explosion keeps Media Union warm during blizzard

DPS was alerted Thursday afternoon that the air conditioning in the Media Union on North Campus stopped working, causing a computer room to overheat. Several computers were damaged, according to the report.

Co-worker calls in office harassment A School of Social Work employee reported being harassed by another employee, according to the DPS incident log.

The employee told officers Dec. 23 that the form of harassment had been "in every way possible that a human being can be harassed," according to the log.

The allegations are under investigation.

Resident of North Campus discovers keys were stolen

A resident of Northwood IV reported Dec. 20 that his keys had been stolen sometime between 6:30 and 7:45 that night.

The man believed that he accidentally left his keys in his door after returning home. DPS officers searched the area but were unable to find the keys.

Going to hospital cause of concern for man

A man staying at University Hospital reported Dec. 15 that money and credit cards had been taken from his wallet.

Upon meeting with DPS officers, the caller said he did not wish to file a police report on the missing items.

Instead, the man reported that he believed the hospital staff was "all against him," according to the incident log.

Caller suspects accident, finds proof later

A woman reported Dec. 20 that another car had been parked so that its front bumper was touching the back bumper of her car.

According to the incident log, the woman could not tell if any damage had been done to her car, though she later discovered a small scratch on her rear bumper.

The car was parked on Thompson Street.

Woman slips on ice outside main hospital doors

A pedestrian walking near the main entrance to University Hospital called DPS officers Dec. 18, reporting that she had slipped on ice and fallen at the hospital's entrance.

Parked car leads to stolen jewelry

A woman reported that $4,000 in jewelry was taken from her vehicle while she was in the University Hospital Emergency Room on Dec. 18. It is unknown whether DPS has any suspects.

Woman treated for injury after assault by boyfriend

A patient in the University Hospital Emergency Room reported Dec. 30 that her boyfriend attacked her while walking through Nichols Arboretum.

The patient said she had injured her wrist during the assault. The allegations are under investigation.

- Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Maria Sprow.