Crime notes

Published January 22, 2004

LCD projectors stolen from Mason Hall

Two more LCD projectors were reported stolen from Mason Hall
Tuesday to DPS. Suspects and cost of damage are unknown. Because of
the high number of LCD thefts, DPS is currently offering a reward
of $10,000 to anyone with information on the thefts. Flyers with
information were still being passed out by DPS officers

Unknown subject found sleeping in Markley dorm

Residents of Mary Markley Residence Hall reported an unknown
subject sleeping in their dorm at about 6 a.m. Sunday. DPS woke the
man up and escorted him from the room without incident, and is
looking into possible leads into the identification of the suspect
as investigation continues.

Student vomits on bus; taken to emergency room

DPS authorities determined an underage University student to be
intoxicated Friday morning, after the student vomited on a bus. The
incident was reported to DPS by the bus driver, and the subject was
then transported to University Hopsital Emergency Room.

Credit card stolen from CCRB, used at Meijer store

A caller reported to DPS Friday that her credit card, which was
stolen from the Central Campus Recreation Building on Thursday,
Jan. 15, had been used at a Meijer store. In addition, the card was
used at a gas station. However, there are currently no suspects in
the case.

High school student sexually harasses another

A chaperone observed a high school student groping another high
school student while the schools were attending a debate team
function. The chaperone reported the incident to DPS Sunday. The
encounter occurred on the first floor of Angell Hall, near the
vending machines, and the touching was unwanted by the victim, who
attends a different high school than the suspect. The case is
currently undergoing investigation by DPS.

Bursley pranksters cause damage to residence halls

DPS responded to reports Sunday by a Bursley Residence Hall
student that two residents were playing practical jokes on one
another. The residents removed panels above door entries in Douglas
House, trash was dumped and a water balloon was left in one room.
The caller reported that his neighbor took his leather coat and
proceeded to wear it.

DPS discovers unconscious woman in car

A Department of Public Safety officer discovered an unresponsive
woman in a vehicle Wednesday. The car was parked at the entrance to
a West Medical Center parking lot. The victim was taken to
University Hospital for an overdose, but it is unknown if the
overdose was intentional.

Victim reports overcoat stolen in Angell Hall

A subject reported to DPS Monday that an overcoat was stolen by
a female suspect in Angell Hall. Shortly after, DPS officers
observed a male suspect wearing a similar coat.

The male suspect discarded the coat, and was located in a cubby
hole area and arrested for a violation of controlled substances.
From there, he was transported to the University Hopsital Emergency
Room for further evaluation. DPS is currently investigating the two
incidents, and it is not known if they are connected at this

Disorderly man dents police car of arresting officer

While on patrol Friday morning, a DPS officer observed a man
behaving disorderly on Greene Street. In the process of being taken
into custody, the subject kicked and dented the police car, and
threatened the officer.

He was taken to University Hopsital for further evaluation. DPS
is currently investigating the case, but has said the subject was
not affiliated with the University.

— Compiled by Daily Staff Reporter Ashley