AirBus overflows during holiday

For the Daily
Published December 2, 2003

The surge of students headed home for the holidays and then back
to school left the Michigan Student Assembly’s airBus shuttle
more popular than ever. More than 900 students used the two-year
old service, which provides cheap rides to and from the

“We had more people wanting to ride than we had
room,” MSA President Angela Galardi said.

The large turnout of students using the service caused many who
had expected to be able to walk on without reservations to be
seated in the aisles.

“I didn’t make reservations so when I got there,
there weren’t any more seats,” said Phillip Chen, a
Business School junior. “I think they should take into
account for the number of people that hadn’t bought tickets
earlier,” he added.

Despite the inconveniences of not pre-registering, many who had
paid earlier experienced reliable times and cheap prices.

“The timing of the buses is down to a science.
They’re never late,” Galardi said.

Pre-registered students who used this service were generally
pleased with their experiences.

“I reserved my seats two weeks ago so there were no
problems in regard to seating,” LSA senior Rob Goodspeed
said. “Each time I ride it, there are more

LSA senior Neil Greenberg, airBus reservation manager, said
“Every reserved seat was sold out. And we provided rides to
about 917 people.”

Last year, the main problem that MSA encountered was accepting
only two forms of payment — cash and check. Students who felt
insecure about using cash to buy airBus tickets were satisfied this
year to find payments being charged to student accounts.

“This is only the second year doing this but we’re
working on improving any problems,” Greenberg said.
“Next time we’re planning to use bigger buses with more
capacity and more frequent pick ups.”

Each bus contains about 40 reserved seats and 10 to 15 seats for
walk-on students. Despite this arrangement, no seats were
guaranteed, which resulted in students being packed tightly in the

“We plan to up the service but request more people to take
reservations in order to provide coordinators with estimates of the
number of buses needed,” Galardi said.

Sales for winter break begin tomorrow at the Michigan Union
Ticket Office, located in the basement of the Michigan Union. The
office can be contacted at 734-763-TKTS.