Rich Rodriguez: A year in quotations


Published November 30, 2008

"If you want to know our system or philosophy, if you've watched us
over the years, that's what you'll see. We're going to do what we've done. That's the only thing we know. I know we have the ability to adapt our schemes to our personnel."
-At his introductory press conference (Dec. 17, 2007)

"There's an old movie called The Lion King. There's a scene in the movie where a monkey hits the lion over the head, and the lion says, 'What'd you do that for?' and the monkey says, 'It doesn't matter, it's in the past.' "
- On his hiring from West Virginia at his introductory press conference (Dec. 17, 2007)

"Imagine my shock watching the game at the hotel with my family, and
it comes across that ticker, getting sued for $4 million. That wasn't
a good night."
- On his lawsuit with West Virginia (Jan. 1, 2008)

"Family is pretty important to all of us, and every coach would tell
you that. But just ask anybody that's played for me for the last 15 years. Don't ask somebody that's left with a different agenda."
- On Justin Boren's accusations that Michigan's family values have eroded (March 29, 2008)

"If not being a gentleman is recruiting a guy 'til the end, 'til
Signing Day, particularly after he visits — guilty as charged. ... I didn't get a memo from the Big Ten or a handbook that says 'This is how you're a gentleman. I feel pretty proud about how we recruit."
- On Joe Tiller's "snake oil" comments (Apr. 7, 2008)

"Not only did it affect me, lie about me, but lie about guys on my
staff," Rodriguez said. "And I do take it very personally when someone
tries to ruin the reputation of my staff and myself. It's not right,
particularly when he's lying. That will be the case from now until the
day I'm no longer sitting on this good earth."
- On his lawsuit with West Virginia (May 20, 2008)

"I think there's a lot of big deals made out of things that should be — it's what I call mouse turds. Maybe I shouldn't say that. They're worried about that when there's big elephant doo-doo."
- On the lack of communication and media drama (July 24, 2008)

"I had a feeling that's what it was and where we're at, and that's where we're at. It looks like a rose, it smells like a rose, it tastes like a rose, its probably a rose. If it's the opposite, then you know what I mean."
- After Michigan's 25-23 loss to Utah (Aug. 30, 2008)

"Was that all right with everybody? I'm not upsetting the apple cart with that whole thing? Some of the players asked about it before, and I thought that would be a neat thing."
- After Michigan's 16-6 win over Miami (Ohio), on the players running over to the student section and singing The Victors after a win (Sept. 6, 2008)

"It's still like a Clint Eastwood movie — 'The Good, The Bad and The
Ugly.' "
- On the Wolverines' offense against Miami (Ohio), their first win of the season (Sept. 6, 2008)

"Michigan football will be back. All the naysayers out there, whatever. I'm disappointed but I'm not discouraged. Michigan football will be back."
- After Michigan's loss at Notre Dame (Sept. 13, 2008)

"We just tried to make some corrections, but if there was a hole to crawl into, I am sure a bunch of us, including myself, would run and crawl in that hole."
- Discussing the team's mood at halftime of Michigan's 27-25 win over Wisconsin. The Wolverines trailed 19-0 at halftime (Sept. 27, 2008)

"If you were in the Ann Arbor vicinity, you heard them. I mean, holy cow, anybody would've heard that. I know the fans are frustrated. They want to play at a high level here and that's okay."
- Discussing the Michigan Stadium crowd booing as the team left the field at halftime of the Wisconsin game, trailing 19-0 (Sept. 27, 2008)

"To never quit, that is the thing I am most proud of. There was a time when it looked like if you were of lesser mind you would have."
- After the Wolverines came from back from a 19-0 deficit to Wisconsin (Sept. 27, 2008)

"You think I like standing there watching that? You think I want to stand and watch us drop the ball? I mean, you think it hasn't been addressed? I mean, you've got to be kidding me. I've never seen nothing like it. And I don't know if you can work on it more than we're working on it."
- On Michigan's five fumbles in a loss to Illinois (Oct. 4, 2008)

"There were more assumptions made defensively that we're OK at this
position or that we'll get this kind of production at this position. "I think there's an assumption that this guy is a returning starter, so he'll be able to pick up the scheme and be able to go just like that. That's not always the case."
- On the Wolverines' defense after giving up 35 points to Michigan State (Oct. 27, 2008)

What do you want me to say? We’re going to get up and do the same routine. We’re going to get up and work tomorrow and try to get better. You want to look at the finality of it all? I’ve been here nine, 10 months. We’ve had great tradition, we’ve still got great tradition and we’re going to try to do all we can to uphold it. But right now we’re not going to a bowl and we’re going to get up and go to work tomorrow and get better."
- After Michigan's was eliminated from bowl contention with a 48-42 loss at Purdue (Nov. 1, 2008)

"I've been here for one of them. So that's the only one I can really comment on. They've got one in a row on us, from what I've seen."
- On Michigan's five-game losing streak to Ohio State (Nov. 22, 2008)

"Nothing on that little ESPN ticker, no statements on 'he said, she
said,' no drama on lawsuits and accusations. (Last offseason) was absolutely ridiculous. … As coaches, we're in the public life so we have to realize it. It's a big boy's world, so I understand that."
- On his hopes for the upcoming offseason (Nov. 24, 2008)