The College of Literature, Science and the Arts Building and the Michigan Union both opened their doors to students and faculty on South State Street earlier this month, providing new study and meeting spaces. The reopened buildings provide more room for students as well as several cafes, study rooms and meeting spots.

Music, Theatre & Dance freshman Kiran Mangrulkar said it was easy to come to the Union because he lives in West Quad. Mangrulkar said the Union was a better study space than the Shapiro Undergraduate Library and Hatcher Graduate Library, where he has studied in the past. 

“I come here somewhat often,” Mangrulkar said. “I like the new spaces. I wish there (were) more outlets… I think they’re just very common, normal in general, nothing crazy, but nothing awful.”  

LSA junior Aparna Iyer said she appreciates the Union’s additional collaborative spaces. 

“I really like the student org spaces,” Iyer said. “The Idea Hub on the second floor, and I like that they put a ceiling over that courtyard, because that was just an unused wasted space, and I’m glad that we’re able to make use of that.”

LSA freshman Alex Majie said he likes the Union’s older design and anticipates studying there in the future. 

“I haven’t necessarily studied here yet,” Majie said. “But as I’m looking around, like, it would be a nice place to study. It’s not as quiet as a library, which is good in some aspects.”

Iyer said she thinks the Union has opened up space in other frequented study spaces. 

“I’ve noticed that this place (the Union) fills up so I’m assuming that like Ross, the UGLi and Hatcher, they must be less full,” Iyer said. 

LSA junior Conor Duggan studied in the LSA Building for the first time Wednesday night. Duggan, who normally studies in the Hatcher Graduate Library, the UGLi and the Fishbowl in Mason Hall, said he hasn’t noticed a particular difference in the number of people studying there.

“I’ve only studied at the UGLi three times this semester so far, which sounds bad, but it is still early,” Duggan said. “I had no problem getting a seat, but it’s still early, so I mean, exams haven’t happened yet, you know, people aren’t feeling that rush yet. So it’s kind of too early to tell whether or not the space is really opened up.” 

Majie also noticed the Union was busy and said there were fewer students at more traditional study spaces.

“I’ve definitely noticed less people at the libraries since these two places have opened, which is nice in a way, you know, everybody’s like branching out, finding new places to study,” Majie said.

Duggan said students shouldn’t have trouble finding a place to work on campus.

“I think there’s a lot of resources on campus, like even you could go to like East Hall, the Law Library, the Graduate Library, the UGLi,” Duggan said. “I feel like sometimes it stinks that you have to walk around a little bit to find a place, but I mean after that you can always find a place if you actually look for it.” 

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