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Beginning Oct. 24, the University of Michigan campus bus system will undergo a service change and return to running all pre-pandemic routes. 

The University will reinstate the Commuter North and Commuter South bus routes. Other routes beginning or continuing on Oct. 24 include Diag-to-Diag Express, Northwood Express, Bursley-Baits, Northwood, Oxford Shuttle, Med Express, Wall Street-NIB/Express, Crisler Express PM service, Glazier Express and North-East Shuttle. 

Bus routes that have or will cease operation due to the service change are Campus Connector, Oxford-Markley Loop, Stadium-Diag Loop, Green Road-NW5 Loop, Crisler Express AM service and North-East On-Demand Patient Shuttle. 

The change comes after students expressed concern and frustration that the pandemic-era bus routes led to overcrowding and slowed service. 

The University announced on Sept. 2 that beginning Sept. 7, the Bursley-Baits, Northwood and Oxford Shuttle bus routes would resume service. This change discontinued the “hub-and-spoke” system developed during the pandemic.

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