The Palestinian advocacy group Students Allied for Freedom and Equality will put forward their third attempt at a #UMDivest resolution to Central Student Government Tuesday, calling for the divestment of University resources from companies allegedly profiting off what SAFE terms “human rights violations” by the state of Israel, according to the group’s website. These companies include Boeing, Hewlett Packard, G4S and United Technologies.

“The University of Michigan’s investments in the aforementioned companies, which are involved in socially irresponsible and unethical activities in Palestine, not only personally impact Palestinian students at the University of Michigan, but also calls into question the University’s commitment to invest in socially responsible companies,” the resolution reads

CSG will vote on the resolution Tuesday evening. A number of students, including those on the governing board of University of Michigan Hillel, an umbrella organization of Jewish groups, are criticizing the resolution for engendering a divisive climate on campus. A petition distributed by Hillel alludes to tension on campus and around the nation following President-elect Donald Trump’s victory last Tuesday.

“Passing this resolution would only further divide and polarize students on this campus at a time when we need to come together for positive change,” the petition reads.

This is SAFE’s third iteration of their campaign for divestment, following unsuccessful bids in the 2013-14 and 2014-15 school years. Each iteration has come sparked significant controversy on campus, including sit-ins, protests and impassioned arguments from both sides.

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