The C.C. Little Science Building at the University of Michigan has been a site of controversy this year. This continued Thursday afternoon, when students attending classes found a sticker covering the building’s name to read the “C.C. Little Eugenics Building.”

About 2:40 p.m., LSA junior Nithin Vejendla said he saw a University facilities worker scraping the “Eugenics” sticker off. Vejendla said not many students were passing by at the time.

Clarence Cook Little, the building’s eponym and former University president, accomplished relatively little during his four-year tenure, but was a firm proponent of race-based sterilization — even serving as the president of the American Eugenics Society.

A group of faculty members and a student submitted an official request to rename the building earlier this month, following the University’s intentionally slow-moving process to reconsider building names. At a panel Tuesday evening featuring the petitioners, close to 100 student protesters flooded the event to demand more immediate action from administrators. Some even wore bloodied smocks.

LSA freshman Tyler Washington asked Tuesday how administrators could still be searching for answers.

Hearing another person higher up than me who has been here endless years — I’m a freshman, I’ve only been on this campus for three weeks and if someone else asks me, ‘Well, what should we do?’ — how are you going to ask me?” she said. “I’ve only been in college for three weeks. You work here, you’ve been through college, you have a degree, you’re doing your job, you should know the facts, you should know what you should be telling us.”

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