Wednesday morning, University of Michigan students woke up to find the Rock — a University landmark located at the intersection of Hill Street and Washtenaw Avenue frequently painted by students — depicting violent slogans.  

The rock, which had featured an Election Day message from Hillary Clinton supporters who drew the Clinton campaign logo, was painted over to read “fuck America” and “kill em all.” Also painted on the rock were the Democratic Party donkey and Republican Party elephant logos.

The rock was later panted over by students with positive messages. 

As of Wednesday evening, it was unknown who is responsible for the messages, but many students said they believed they were a reaction to Tuesday’s election results. Both Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and President-elect Donald Trump are two of the most unpopular candidates in history, and Trump has faced heavy criticism for rhetoric about Muslims, immigrants, women and other minority groups.

“I feel like if this is such a pivotal moment for our country we should be coming together as a community rather than tearing each other down like this,” LSA sophomore Makenzi Cochran said.

Later Wednesday afternoon, The Office of Public Affairs tweeted out pictures of students painting over the rock with messages of support.

Campus outcry following the announcement of the election results began early Wednesday morning, when, at around 3 a.m. students gathered on the Diag for a vigil.

“I’m not even holding back tears anymore it’s more I’m just numb,” Kinesiology senior Lauren McCree said. “It just really exposes our University and that the people who go here think that this is OK.”

In response to Trump’s victory, student groups have scheduled vigils on the Diag to protest and come together throughout the week.

Earlier Wednesday, University President Mark Schlissel sent an email to the student body about the election results, calling for inclusivity. He also listed various University services dedicated to mental health and wellness.

“Our responsibility is to remain committed to education, discovery and intellectual honesty – and to diversity, equity and inclusion,” Schlissel wrote. “We are at our best when we come together to engage respectfully across our ideological differences; to support ALL who feel marginalized, threatened or unwelcome; and to pursue knowledge and understanding, as we always have, as the students, faculty and staff of the University of Michigan.”


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