Student organizations, campus resources and local businesses set up more than 30 booths in the Central Campus Recreational Building on Thursday afternoon to represent different aspects of mental, physical and emotional health. Arranged in a circular pattern for students to walk through, the event aimed to address all “360 degrees” of wellness

Sarah Button, the assistant director for marketing, sponsorship and academic partnerships with Recreational Sports, organized the event. Button said she and other Student Life partners have wanted to host an event encouraging a more holistic approach to well-being

“This is a great time in January, being that it’s the new year,” Button said. “You can refocus on your health, your well-being … so it’s kind of an ideal scenario.”

Visitors were encouraged to play with therapy dogs, pot small plants, eat healthy food and enter giveaways. Throughout the event, MDining, University Credit Union and Counseling & Psychological Services hosted hourly free educational workshops.

Engineering junior Devin Gohel, a student manager at the Computer Showcase, described how the Showcase is currently exploring fitness technology in hopes of encouraging people to improve their physical health. 

“We’re here showcasing some of the fitness technology we offer … like demonstrating different features, especially the workout app on the Apple Watch,” Gohel said.

LSA senior Caroline Baloga worked a booth representing the student-led campus farm. She said the organization wants to increase access to produce for students who live off-campus by selling their produce in retail locations such as Maizie’s Kitchen and Market and Munger Graduate Residences.

“Our motto is that we grow food for students, by students,” Baloga said.

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