The Central Student Government convened for their sixth meeting of the year Tuesday to discuss the confirmation of various member positions, as well as highlight goals surrounding Election Day on Nov. 6.

The meeting began with Speaker of the Assembly Austin Glass in conjunction with CSG President Daniel Greene introducing potential new members to the assembly.

Twelve members were put in front of the assembly for a presentation of their credentials as well as a question-and-answer style discussion before each member voted on the confirmation of the new member. All 12 members were confirmed to the government.

Among other topics of discussion included a motion proposed by Ben Gerstein, LSA representative and sophomore, for CSG to purchase and distribute stamps for students to use for voting related purposes, such as mailing absentee ballots. Following discussion and revisions, the motion was approved unanimously by the assembly. According to Gerstein, the stamps would be distributed to give increased voting access to students.

“What we would like to do is purchase stamps and envelopes and distribute them to students so they have the resources they need to have no excuse, and to avoid not sending in a by-mail ballot,” Gerstein said.

The meeting ended with a series of resolutions including acquiring room reservations on campus to allow students easier access to poll training for Election Day, as well as a resolution to allow for full financial transparency of CSG spending to students. These were moved to be discussed at a later date.

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