Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity held a candlelight vigil Tuesday night in honor of their brother, Peter Hart, who took his own life in February before Spring Break. Hundreds gathered on the front lawn of the fraternity to share stories and remember Hart.

LSA sophomore Daniel Greene, president of Lambda Chi Alpha and Hart’s social big, spoke to the group gathered on the front lawn in memory of Hart.

“Peter Hart will always be loved, will always be missed,” Greene said. “But as his big, as his president, as his friend, most importantly as his brother, I ask that you continue his legacy in challenging yourself to be slightly more honest with the world; to be slightly more open-minded.”

LSA sophomore Michael Wysong, a member of the Kappa Sigma fraternity, attended the vigil to show support for other members of Greek life and for his friends who knew Hart personally.

“I think it’s affecting us really hard since a lot of … guys deal with depression, so we all just want to let everyone know that you can always talk to someone,” Wysong said. “It’s basically a way just for everyone to realize that there’s always someone next to you.”

LSA freshman Anna Fedder met Hart during orientation, and said she has been in shock since hearing of Hart’s passing.

“I saw him … two weeks ago, or something like that, just walking around, on my way back from class,” Fedder said. “It’s tough. I wish I had known more, I guess … but obviously you can’t go back and fix that.”

LSA junior Andrew Sharon, a brother at the fraternity, said since Hart’s passing, members of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity have been trying to process the tragedy, celebrating Hart’s membership in the fraternity and knowing him.

“Obviously everyone is really upset,” Sharon said. “But more importantly, we’re happy we had Peter around. He was always the most committed. I live at the house and he was always at the house more than I was. He literally just wanted to be in everything — he ran for positions, he was always at every party, every event, every brotherhood event.”

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