The University of Michigan’s Interfraternity Council voted Wednesday to remove the Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity from campus, the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life said in a press release. Members of the IFC voted unanimously to terminate Alpha Sigma Phi’s Theta chapter following an investigation by the Hazing Response Team regarding allegations of hazing during their new member process.

The termination came after the Student Organization Advancement and Recognition review process was carried out by the Greek Activities Review Panel. The Hazing Response Team investigation revealed extensive evidence of hazing violations, leading to their removal. The IFC also specified the fraternity will be unable to recolonize on the University campus for at least five years.

“These sanction result from a Hazing Response Team investigation that found substantial evidence of dangerous recurring practices within the Alpha Sigma Phi’s new member process, including forced alcohol consumption and violent physical hazing,” the IFC statement reads. “As a result, Alpha Sigma Phi has been removed from the University of Michigan and the Interfraternity Council for a minimum of five (5) calendar years, effective immediately.”

The removal comes amid controversy in the Greek life community over the past year, including the Nov. 9, 2017 suspension of all social events for the remainder of the fall 2017 semester following sexual assault and hazing allegations. While the suspension was self-imposed by the IFC, the council cited three near-death incidents and 30 hospitalizations during the weekend of the football game against Michigan State University.

Social activities resumed during the winter 2018 semester.

Earlier this semester, multiple fraternities disaffiliated from University IFC. The five current unaffiliated fraternities are still recognized by the University but they have not completed necessary paperwork and social standards in order to join and be recognized as a member of the IFC. However, Alpha Sigma Phi joins the group of seven “rogue” fraternities who are not recognized by the IFC or the University, and are deemed closed. Alpha Sigma Phi will be the fourth fraternity to close this calendar year.


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