The College of Literature, Science and the Arts Building opened its new attachment and renovated the first floor earlier this month. The new area includes multiple study spaces, conference rooms and offices for University of Michigan programs. The new addition will house the LSA Opportunity Hub, LSA Transfer Student Center, LSA Student Government and Technology Services. 

All these groups were involved in the planning of the LSA Building renovation. Lisa Reiher, the capital project manager in the Facilities and Operations Department in LSA, told The Daily that each section of the new addition was a reflection of student needs.

“We actually met with each one of the groups: Student Government, the student recruitment for the Transfer Student Center, the Hub,” Reiher said. “We discussed with them their needs and we had an interior designer, and she came up with options to best suit their needs.”

Architecture and Study Spaces

The LSA Building additions include study spaces with plenty of outlets and spaces for collaboration and individual work. A second level was added that includes Brody study desks and conference rooms. 

The Scholarship Office will also be housed in the LSA Building and is expected to be completed in Fall 2020. 

The back wall of the building is comprised of windows, allowing natural sunlight to enter the building. As it gets sunnier throughout the day, the lights are designed to dim in order to reduce electricity use. 

The construction team took initiatives to make the LSA Building environmentally friendly during the process. The trees that were cut down in the process of creating additional space were then reused as tables in the building, according to Reiher. Many parts of the building are also made of lead silver, an energy efficient building material. 

Opportunity Hub

The Opportunity Hub is located on the first floor of the LSA Building. It has five interview rooms with seven more in the process of being built on the second level. The rooms have AI technology on the computers and dry-erase walls to make it easier to conduct job interviews.

LSA senior Taylor Lind said she encourages students to spend time at the Opportunity Hub and explore the new LSA addition. 

“I’m really excited to see how students can utilize this new space,” Lind said. “I think it’s a really unique one, especially for a college as large as LSA, because it’s hard to find a central space to hang out as opposed to other colleges. I would just really encourage LSA students to step out of their comfort zone and explore a new favorite study spot eventually.”

Hannah Lozon, operations lead of Opportunity Hub, said she is excited to see students using the resources from the Opportunity Hub. 

“We’re most excited about, I would say, from my perspective, seeing students coming in and using the building now,” Lozon said. “Each day we’ve been open since the semester started, there are more and more students every day, students are just finding their nooks, so that’s fantastic. And then, of course, seeing the Opportunity Hub has been able to do services for students, where we have much more space, which is really amazing.” 

24/7 Market 

Food will be available in the building addition via the 24/7 Market, a self-serving market that takes debit and credit cards. The market will have a variety of different options from granola bars to energy drinks and meals, as well as a Starbucks coffee machine where students can make their own beverages.

LSA Transfer Center

The LSA Transfer Student Center is a space for transfer students to study, and holds events to help these students acclimate. LSA transfer student ambassadors are placed in the Center to answer any questions and provide advice.

Commuter students are also welcome to all the resources for transfer students. There will be lockers in the LSA Building for commuter students to keep their items while they are on campus. 

LSA senior Samantha Tosa is a transfer student ambassador. She said she is excited to see how the space will support transfer students on campus.

“The transfer centers are a really great spot for transfer students in general, because, like I said, there was no space before specifically for transfer students,” Tosa said. “It’s really nice though … We’ve had students just come in and sit down and study to the point where I’ve been able to recognize them, and now we’re friends. It’s a really great start to make and build connections with other people who are going through a similar experience.”

LSA Student Government

LSA Student Government, previously housed in Mason Hall, will relocate to the new building addition as well. 

Brian Wang, president of LSA Student Government and LSA senior, told The Daily he is excited to have a space central to campus.

“I think we’re incredibly happy about this new building,” Wang said. “We’re glad it’s open … Jumping into a new place really helps with coming up with new creative processes and ideas that we’re really excited about.”

Technology Services

Technology services will also have a presence in the LSA Building at the Navigation Desk on the first floor. Starting in mid-February, students will be able to rent out chargers, adapters and graphing calculators. 

Sanam Arab, manager of Programs and Patron Services, told The Daily she will be collecting student feedback to see what other equipment students would like to have available from their services.

“We offer a lot of different services to students, faculty and staff. One of the things we’ll be bringing to the Navigation Desk is our equipment loan service,” Arab said. “In our other centers, we rent out cameras, laptops, digital audio recorders and things like that. We will see what would be the interest here, and we’ll bring those here to circulate from this location as well.”

Homewarming Party 

This Friday, Jan. 24, the LSA Building will be hosting a “Homewarming Party” from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., with food, trivia and games. LSA Associate Dean Rosario Ceballo told The Daily she is looking forward to seeing LSA students at the event.

“I’m very excited about this because I’ve spent a lot of time working on this, and I want students to come,” Ceballo said. “I hope to invite all LSA students to come down this Friday and really check it out. Check out the space and get their swag.”

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Correction: A previous version of this article identified Lisa Reiher as the manager of Capital Projects, the architecture firm hired for the renovation. She is the capital project manager in the Facilities and Operations Department in LSA. It also misspelled LSA Associate Dean Rosario Ceballo and LSA Student Government President Brian Wang’s names.

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