The Detroit Cookie Company opened its second storefront location at 609 E. William Street on Wednesday with a full selection of their cookies and treats. Both store patrons and bakery staff said they were excited by the bakery’s opening. 

The first storefront location opened in Ferndale, Mich. in 2017. Owner Lauren Roumayah said she saw the potential for opening more locations and has always been drawn to Ann Arbor after her first location proved successful. 

“I loved coming here when I was younger (and) visiting my friends in college,” Roumayah said. “I love that it’s a walking community and it’s just so busy all the time, so I thought it would be a great place to have a cookie shop especially because there is nothing like us (here).” 

Roumayah said her path toward owning a small business was not necessarily straightforward. After graduating from Wayne State University in 2015 with a degree in fashion merchandising, Roumayah felt like she lacked passion and happiness working in that industry. 

“I had a job in my career field but it wasn’t me, it wasn’t creative and I just wasn’t loving it,” Roumayah said. “My boyfriend, now husband, asked me ‘What would you want to be doing in a perfect world?’ and I said ‘I just want to make cookies’ and he’s truly the one who pushed me to do it.” 

LSA sophomore Elizabeth Clifford found out about the grand opening from her roommate and said she was counting down the days until she could stop in. Clifford visited the store on Wednesday and sampled a selection of flavors. 

“I’m very excited about (the opening) because I really love cookies and these cookies are really bizarre flavors, so I’m really excited to try them,” Clifford said. “I bought the s’mores, the peanut butter volcano, the XL M&M which I’m super excited about, and then I also got a Cinnabon-flavored one.” 

Roumayah and her husband Anthony Sevy worked in a licensed, shared-use kitchen space before opening their own storefront focusing on online, catering and wholesale orders. Roumayah said she was not sure if they would be able to make a living out of making cookies before they had their storefront.

“It kind of seemed like a hobby to me,” Roumayah said. “I didn’t know if I could make a career out of making cookies but we had such a good reaction from everyone in the community that it helped catapult us.” 

Though the COVID-19 pandemic pushed back the timeline Roumayah had set to complete renovations and revamp the space, she said she was able to receive the help she needed to finish. 

“When you lease a space you automatically take on all of this liability,” Roumayah said. “I think the most challenging thing was to keep putting one foot in front of the other and continuously calling people to make sure we were getting people to come out and help us rearrange this place, because it was a hamburger joint prior.” 

Roumayah said she hopes to get the business more involved in the Ann Arbor community. 

“I want to get to know people who are from around here and participate in all of the festivals that happen down here and be a part of any activities that are going on,” Roumayah said.   

Rackham student Tatyana Dadabbo also attended the grand opening and said the location is especially convenient.  

“It’s close to (my) apartment so it’s a nice place to go during the week and get a pick-me-up on hump day,” Dadabbo said. 

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