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March 27, 2012 - 1:13pm

Hating to love 'Call Me Maybe' and the viral video it inspired



Hey, I just met you,
and this is crazy,
but here's my number,
so call me, maybe?

So, unless you haven’t left your room for several days, it’s pretty much guaranteed that those oh so deep and provocative lyrics have graced your ears at some point. Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” — one of those bubbly summer tunes that you want so badly to hate, but find yourself humming on your way to class, at work, even when you’re trying to sleep — has been everywhere lately.

This isn’t a mystery. There’s a very clear reason why “Call Me Maybe” has reached ultra-popular status so quickly. The key? The little Canadian prince of pop and swag known as Justin Bieber.

The Biebz and his girlfriend Selena Gomez seem intent on promoting the Canadian singer/songwriter newcomer, having expressed their love for her catchy single multiple times. But what really made the song take flight was when this Disney power couple and a few other of their young star compadres — including Ashley Tisdale and most of the members of Big Time Rush — filmed a video of themselves dancing and lip synching to the song. Carlos Pena uploaded the video to his Youtube account, and it promptly went viral.

I can’t believe I’m about to confess this to the entire Interworld, but the second I saw the video I was smitten. It doesn’t make any sense. I don’t have any sentimental attachment to Selena or Justin — they came long after my generation of Disney Channel viewers moved on to bigger and better things like The WB (RIP).

But there’s something just so freaking awesome about these teen stars (or former teen stars … what exactly is Ashley Tisdale doing with these youngins?) bopping around some house recording themselves acting like idiots. I know it sounds ridiculous, but it makes them relatable, less like the polished, fairytale creatures they appear to be when plastered on magazine covers and more like real kids. Let’s face it, I’ve made dozens of videos on my computer of my friends and me doing more or less the same thing — just last week, I organized an impromptu Madonna dance party in a friend’s room (no, you will not find any videographic evidence on Youtube).

And much of this video’s appeal comes from the fact that it’s far superior to the actual music video put out by Carly Rae Jepsen. The official music video looks like any ol’ average pop vid, with the staple shots of Carly rocking out in a garage, observing a cute boy from afar and sexily washing a car — it’s patently uninspiring, without anything of interest until the final twist. Carly Rae and her crew simply don’t possess the energy and uninhibited goofiness of the fake mustachioed Bieber & Co.

I’m simply a sucker for web videos of groups of stars acting like idiots together, which may sound like a wildly specific category, but have you seen the cast and crew of “Mad Men” singing “Bye Bye Birdie” or Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell bouncing around their makeup trailer to “Please Don’t Go” or Danny Pudi and Donald Glover dancing with a giant-ass teddy bear while their female co-stars sing “Everybody Dance Now”? What about Taran Killam and his SNL buddies recreating Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” music video? These all fall under this genre of super-famous people filming themselves doing super-wacky-yet-normal things, and they never fail to entertain me.

Am I spending too much time analyzing the psychology of my enjoyment of these videos in an effort to make myself seem a little less lame? Yes. Yes I am. So I might as well just own it at this point: I like singing “Call Me Maybe,” I like when Justilena tease us with an almost-kiss in their stupid video, and I like tweeting about how much I hate to like these things. I know that this is crazy.

But if you are in the same boat, call me … maybe?