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A treatise on failure

Today I am wishing that more people were honest about failure, because I sprinkle my own into conversation like candy. I failed a quiz last week, and I slipped on ice taking out the trash. I dropped a class my first semester of college. I quit gymnastics and figure skating and violin and painting classes […]

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I do

Disclaimer:  Though there is still a long way to go, movements that push for marriage equality have swept through Asia in the last decade. It is important that we take an active role in condemning homophobia and discrimination on the basis of gender identity. Note that I use the general terms “bride” and “groom” throughout […]

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One final dance

I danced from the age of three until I was 14, so ballet was a pivotal part of my life. Even to this day, the techniques I learned from the thousands of classes bleed into my everyday life, such as posture and discipline. But when I turned 12, I noticed a pattern in who was […]

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A thread of my mother’s

During a workshop I participated in last summer, we were each asked to share our “immigration story.” I didn’t end up sharing with the group as I didn’t necessarily feel like I had much to say: My parents immigrated here from South Korea in the late ’90s, and I was born and raised in the […]

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LSA Student Government’s presidential ticket debate discusses campus diversity, accessibility, sustainability

The University of Michigan’s LSA Student Government hosted their 2021 presidential ticket debate Friday evening to discuss candidates’ plans to help improve student life and amplify student voices on campus.  Riya Gupta, LSA junior and Student Government election director, along with Danielle DiFranco, LSA junior and Student Government assistant election director, hosted the event. Each […]

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Candidates for LSA Student Government share their platforms in candidate forum

The LSA Student Government held their virtual candidates forum on Thursday evening, allowing candidates for elected representatives to share their platforms. There are 17 students running to fill 15 positions as elected representatives, who get two semesters of voting rights and work on committees within LSA SG.  LSA students can vote for their LSA SG […]

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CSG candidates talk policy, platforms during Daily-hosted debate

The 2021 Central Student Government presidential and vice presidential debates, hosted by The Michigan Daily, discussed the candidates’ positions on campus policing; diversity, equity and inclusion; carbon neutrality and amplifying all student voices. Included in the Thursday evening debate were both the presidential and vice presidential candidates from all three CSG executive tickets: ORGANIZE, CHANGE […]

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The parasites of the pandemic

Pandemic this, pandemic that. I understand that we’re all pretty tired of it, especially now that we’re one year into the thick of it. But I want to pose a question. A deep, important question. Why the hell did billionaires get so wealthy during the worst pandemic in a century?  While people have suffered and […]

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Commission on Carbon Neutrality publishes final report, hands off task of reducing emissions to Schlissel and Regents

After over two years of deliberation, research and engagement with community members, the President’s Commission on Carbon Neutrality released its final 104-page report on Thursday morning. The document outlines 50 recommendations for the University of Michigan’s three campuses to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2040 as part of efforts to combat the ongoing climate […]