Wednesday, October 30, 2019 - 6:49pm
Not Funny

 May 4th, a Saturday. I was preparing for the dorm move out, wrapping up my first year of college. I was waiting in line in front of the community center to receive a temporary key to use over the weekend. Residential assistants asked a white student in front of me if his room went through the final inspection. He answered, “yes, an Asian guy checked my room.” After a short awkward silence, the RA’s confirmed the inspector’s name.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 - 6:44pm

Allyson Felix, an American track runner and field sprinter, recently earned her 12th Gold Medal at the World Athletics Championship in Qatar –– she also surpassed the legendary Usain Bolt in winning the most olympic gold medals in history. She welcomed her daughter 10 months ago, and this will be her first win since giving birth. Nike sponsored Felix for seven years, but the relationship ended due to their mistreatment of pregnant athletes. The track star is now the face of Athleta, its first ever sponsored athlete. 

Wednesday, October 2, 2019 - 6:44pm
Civil Rights March (August 28, 1963)

When learning about this country and how we’ve gotten to where we are, it seems that people tend to compartmentalize the role African-Americans have in aiding this progression. African-American history has always been deemed an appropriate subject for an elective class or a topic to be discussed solely during Black History Month. It is rarely, however, incorporated into the discussions and classes that center around the important aspects of U.S. history as a whole.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019 - 6:36pm
Check-Box for "African-American"

I’ve been staring at the checkbox labeled “African-American” for 20 minutes now. I can’t seem to look past the dash which separates these two worlds. To be Nigerian-American is to be the Atlantic Ocean, to be divide, to have two houses but no home. I am constantly crossing the Atlantic. Some days, I slave trade my accent for whitewashed inflections still stained enough to prove I don’t belong. Some days, I whitewash reflections of the slave trade, say them, not us, just to prove I don’t belong. Other days, I pick a side, bring the trade to an end.

Monday, April 1, 2019 - 7:38pm
Illustration by Zoya Zalatimo

Illustration by Zoya Zalatimo

Wednesday, October 24, 2018 - 4:41pm

Originating from the African Gumboot dance that was performed in the mines of South Africa during apartheid, stepping has served as a form of self-expression and liberation for years. Now seen in National Pan-Hellenic Council fraternities and sororities, stepping is a dynamic artform to display history and tradition through stomping, clapping and spoken word.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018 - 2:40pm
Queer Eye

The Netflix reboot of “Queer Eye” has quickly become a standout among the bevy of reality TV shows are broadcasted in the U.S. Based on a show by the same name that aired from 2003 to 2007, the Netflix series follows five gay men, each with a different area of expertise, who “make over” a different person each episode. It boasts a 93 percent rating by critics and an average audience score of 86 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. In addition, the show recently scored four Emmy nominations and was renewed for a highly anticipated third season.

Sunday, August 5, 2018 - 2:11pm
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

My queen, Priyanka Chopra is reportedly engaged to pop star Nick Jonas. As much as this news excites me, I can’t help but feel 5,000 more feelings than just excitement.

Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 8:39pm
Prove it.

You’re not racist? Prove it.


White classmates, white friends, white family, white colleagues, and white people:


I write this in earnest - in frank honesty, to document that we are in a political crisis of values and ethics. That you White people have a decision to make.


Wednesday, August 1, 2018 - 7:49am
Black Women in performing arts

This is probably my third article on the lack of representation and positive representation of Black people in the world, but that just shows how much farther we have to go in our society to reach equal Black representation. Last weekend I had the opportunity to see the musical “Waitress”- it was my first time seeing a Broadway show in Chicago as all the ones I’d seen previously were in New York. I love theater and Broadway and was super excited to see my first show in Chicago.