Tuesday, November 3, 2020 - 1:32pm

I know something Michigan State University has that we don’t.It’s something that, despite the interconnectedness of our campus with downtown Ann Arbor, the city has not managed to acquire.It’s something that would be a major convenience to students and other residents of the downtown area, something that would increase downtown foot traffic and stimulate downtown businesses.It is: a grocery store.In July 2019, supermarket chain

Tuesday, October 20, 2020 - 12:12pm
Design courtesy of Madison Grosvenor

If you look at the waste bins populating the curbs of Ann Arbor streets, you won’t notice many differences between the garbage and the recycling containers. The recycling bins, of course, say “recycling” on them, and are a slightly lighter shade of blue. But otherwise, the bins are identical. This resemblance is more than just superficial: In Ann Arbor, as in many places in the United States, not everything we believe we are recycling manages to avoid the landfill.

Thursday, October 8, 2020 - 12:21pm

Students returning to campus this fall may have noticed a new profusion of orange traffic barrels around Ann Arbor. Though they have nothing to do with road maintenance, the barrels can be seen along the sides of several of the city’s busiest thoroughfares, blocking vehicles from entering the outermost lanes. Judging by the general lack of cyclists and pedestrians using these lanes, however, it seems that many people have not investigated exactly what they are for.

Thursday, September 24, 2020 - 12:59pm

If I asked you what are cars for, there are a few answers I might expect you to give me. Cars expand our horizons by letting us travel farther. They save time by letting us travel faster. Or, maybe you would simply say that we need cars: We need them to get to our places of work, to get to the store and buy food, to visit our families — in short, to live our lives.